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  • 08 Mar 2018

AstroNova launches Trojan T4 digital color label press with integrated finishing station

Trojan T4 is a compact all-in-one professional label press with in-line finishing developed by TrojanLabel, an AstroNova company

TrojanLabel, an AstroNova company, has developed the Trojan T4 all-in-one digital color label press with integrated finishing station.

Trojan T4 is a digital stand-alone color label press offering digital color printing and a built-in finishing station. Trojan T4 has a 37.7 sq ft footprint. With a flexible printing width, from 2-8.8in, this machine can print, laminate, cut, and die-cut 4-color labels with up to 1600 x 1600dpi resolution at a maximum speed of 60ft/min.

A replaceable print module means the Trojan T4 can be upgraded with the newest printing technology and designed to ensure cost-effective and flexible retrofitting. A new type of economically formulated ink reduces the Trojan T4's ink consumption by 50-70 percent compared to other printers on the market, according to AstroNova. In addition to the efficiency of the new ink, the color and light resistance of labels has been improved three-fold.

Semi- and full-rotary die-cutting allows production of blank die-cut labels at speeds from 105-164ft/min.

TrojanLabel, and QuickLabel, are trademarks of AstroNova.

AstroNova stated that the Trojan T4 shortens production cycles, allowing it to be efficiently adapted to frequent set-up changes with a minimum of downtime and to be ‘optimized for maximum profitability’.

It is claimed as ‘particularly efficient’ for printing small labels and labels with highly variable print content. Labels produced on the Trojan T4 can be used in the food industry.


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