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  • 24 Sep 2017

Colordyne Technologies launches UV inkjet retrofit

Colordyne Technologies launches UV inkjet retrofit

Colordyne Technologies has launched its newest innovation in digital inkjet printing, the 3600 Series UV - Retrofit. As a complement to its current aqueous-based products, the 3600 Series UV - Retrofit provides a cost-effective method for adding process color UV inkjet printing capabilities to existing converting equipment. The 3600 Series UV - Retrofit is powered by Colordyne's proprietary print engine control software, leveraging the latest in UV inkjet imaging technology.

Retrofitting integrates digital print capabilities onto a wide variety of new or existing flexo press, web handling and converting systems. This technique provides label and packaging converters an affordable path to hybrid printing while leveraging the value of the current equipment in their pressroom.

‘There is no one size fits all approach in today's market,’ said Gary Falconbridge, president and CEO, Colordyne Technologies. ‘UV and aqueous inkjet are very distinct technologies, both providing great benefits to customers' respective applications. Offering these two complementary technologies provides companies the ability to evaluate both side by side and truly understand which is the best fit for their business.’

Colordyne developed the new 3600 Series UV print engine in response to the growing demand for digital 4-color process UV inkjet retrofit machines. The new 3600 Series UV - Retrofit will leverage a similar footprint and integration method as Colordyne's existing 3600 Series AQ - Retrofit, and also will feature the same front-end software and user interface.

The 3600 Series UV - Retrofit prints digital CMYK plus white at speeds up to 246 ft/min. The UV solution is available in 8.5 inch or 12.75 inch (324 mm) print width configurations and delivers a print resolution of 600 by 600 dpi. It uses UV curable inks designed for a wide range of self-adhesive and flexible packaging materials.

‘We have experienced impressive results from our current 3600 Series UV - Retrofit installations," says Falconbridge. "Working with our customers allowed us to engineer a product that we are confident will meet the market's demands for quality, speed and price. With retrofitting in high demand, interest is building quickly around this new product. We are eager to work with converters who have been seeking this cost-effective method to incorporate UV inkjet into their businesses.’


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