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  • 06 May 2016

Creative Edge Software integrates photorealism into latest version of iC3D

Using ray tracing, glass and liquids in particular look 100 percent realistic for transparency, translucence, color, refractive index, reflections and shadows

Creative Edge Software has developed a new version of its award-winning iC3D packaging design software that offers ‘unprecedented’ 3D photorealism.

iC3D v4 has seen five new features developed, including: ray tracing, which accurately simulates effects of light on virtual objects for photorealistic, ultra-high-resolution, accurate photo studio effects; 3D model interiors, which enable realistic liquid filling, at any angle; light map editor, which recreates studio lighting, editable highlights and shadows; dynamic backgrounds, offering real-time merging of 2D photo images with 3D designs; and perspective control, which matches 3D model perspective to 2D photo backgrounds. These new features allow accurate simulation of a wide range of optical and visual effects.

iC3D v4 replaces the need for professional photography for marketing or promotional materials, and packaging designs can be created from scratch and then immediately printed as true photographic image content on boxes, advertisements, posters, web sites and proofed or printed on 3D printers.

iC3D v4 has been developed using customer insight into the must-have elements for ‘game-changing’ packaging design capability, and Nick Gilmore, CEO of Creative Edge Software, said: ‘Our research with key CPG brands, creative agencies, designers and pre-press professionals highlighted difficulties due to the generally fragmented approach to software for packaging ideation, design and production.

‘As well as causing delays and unnecessary cost, it also hampers creativity as a whole, as designers try to second guess possible pitfalls or practical issues before the design goes too far. In iC3D, we have addressed those concerns with an updated, powerful, all-in-one, 3D packaging design application able to create on-screen 3D mockups at any stage in the design process.’

According to Gilmore, luxury brands and creative agencies want image perfection, and said: ‘With each software version we have fine-tuned practical aspects such as the range of applications, product types and shapes. Now with unprecedented photorealism too, the missing piece is in place to leverage the full capabilities of this technology.

‘True photorealism was previously the missing piece of the puzzle. iC3D has reduced time-to-market for brands from months down to days, but for full creative acceptance we needed to nail all aspects of the 3D representation in all environments.’

Additional key features of iC3D v4 include: 3D digital mock-ups for bottles, tins, cartons, labels, flexible bags and shrink film; a direct link to Illustrator for real-time creation and artwork editing in .ai or PDF files; Shape Modeller, for 3D model creation of complex shapes quickly and easily; SmartShrink, which applies artwork to any object in seconds and provides accurate visualization of distortion plus shrink correction; in-store visualization, including real-time staging on shelves, gondolas and chiller displays; and the ability to proof and share designs, including the export of hi-res renders, PDF/3D PDFs, animations, movies or 3D printed models.


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