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  • 10 Jan 2017

Kama upgrades FlexFold 52i with plasma technology

The plasma treatment changes the surface temporarily, and surfaces without glue applied to them return to their original state

Kama has expanded the capabilities of its FlexFold 52i folder gluer, which can now glue seal smooth surfaces, such as UV coated, metalized or laminated cardboard through the use of plasma treatment.

The challenge when using UV coated material is that the smooth surface offers no hold for the glue. This means that for UV and similar kinds of coating, the glue flaps have to be left out. This, in turn, means an extra flexo plate for the coating process and extra set-up time. The corresponding costs can be significant when working with short runs.

The plasma treatment system consists of a plasma generator and a plasma nozzle with a transformer; crash-lock-bottom boxes with three-point gluing require three nozzles. When using the plasma treatment, the coated surface is opened up by passing it over a plasma nozzle which gives off highly energised, ionised air to make the surface responsive. Further, using the FlexFold 52i with plasma system, means printed sheets can be flood coated without any additional costs for flexo plates and set-up.

The plasma treatment also changes the surface temporarily, and surfaces without glue applied to them return to their original state and look the same as they did before being treated. This makes the plasma option optimal for straight-line boxes (often used for pharmaceuticals), but also for crash-lock bottom boxes that have several bonding surfaces and which are very popular for healthcare and beauty products.

The first FlexFold 52i featuring the new option has already been sold.

Kama CEO Marcus Tralau commented: ‘The use of UV coating in packaging is increasing, especially with digitally printed folding boxes and high-quality special editions. To this advantage we are now adding the plasma treatment as an elegant and efficient solution when gluing UV coated folding cartons.

‘The plasma is like an energy shower of air, it increases surface tension and activates molecules that the glue can hook on to.’


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