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  • 10 Nov 2017

Sun Chemical launches new inks for food packaging applications

Sun Chemical has launched two new inks – one for electron beam (EB) and one for UV curing – that have been developed to be compliant with strict global standards, including Nestlé food packaging requirements and Swiss Ordinance chemical composition requirements.

Intended for primary and secondary food packaging applications, SunBeam Advance EB offset inks and SunCure Advance UV inks meet the latest photoinitiator-safe packaging guidelines, and are made with no BPA-based chemicals. They provide low odor as well as very low residual extractables characteristics while maintaining the highest standards of pressroom performance at the very highest press speeds, Sun Chemical claims.

Specifically formulated to help increase productivity by reducing the number of blanket washes, these ink systems work on a variety of substrates and specifically address concerns that brand owners face due to strict labeling laws like California’s Proposition 65.

Designed for high speed web folding carton and flexible packaging applications, SunBeam Advance EB offset inks offer claimed high transfer and excellent lithographic water window properties, adhesion and abrasion resistance, enhanced cure response, excellent color recovery after a stop, and hold density well to help improve overall quality. Sun Chemical said SunBeam Advance inks are considered high strength to help improve mileage and can also reduce start-up and running waste.

SunCure Advance UV inks are designed for food packaging applications and are said to offer excellent runnability on both super high speed sheet-fed and web presses. In addition to extremely high transfer properties and very good lithographic water window, these inks hold density well and provide very good UV cure response under either inter-station curing or delivery positioned lamp conditions, according to Sun Chemical. SunCure Advance inks also offer adhesion to some non-porous type stocks. This ink system can be used for sensitive packaging applications where low odor and extractables are essential.


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