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  • 18 Aug 2017

Book review: Management Information Systems and Workflow Automation

Chris Ellison, managing director of OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group and the new Finat president, reviews 'Management Information Systems and Workflow Automation', a reference source for label and package printers, industry suppliers and brands, and a supporting text to the Label Academy's MIS and workflow automation systems module.

This book clearly and intelligently illustrates the requirement for the modern forward thinking label printing company to be in accurate control of all aspects of its day to day sales and manufacturing business. In today’s fast paced global economy sales opportunities are won and lost in the blink of an eye, brand and retailer competition is so fierce that speeds to market have moved to shorter and more impossible deadlines and ever present focus on budget costs.

These pressures can exert huge strains both financially and operationally on the modern label printer. In today’s business environment every member of a company’s operation must have clear, concise and most importantly accurate information to enable that individual to play their part in successfully navigating a client’s job/brand through the many stages and processes of the typical job lifecycle.

Successfully within this publication, Mike Fairley has focused hard on the joined up approach to electronically managing an efficient 21st Century operation, placing emphasis on fast accurate estimating, procurement, planning, asset data collection and post data analysis. This book gives insight into the functionality of the fully integrated management information system providing operators and senior managers with insight of how the real time information can assist in the long term strategic decision making, and the day-to-day problem solving that many of us can identify with in our own businesses.

I believe the contents of this book will not just prove invaluable as a tool to the growing company making its first moves into the complex world of management information system integration. Whilst experienced users will find it useful as a benchmarking guide, to perhaps uncover the potential possibilities and opportunities that might lay either untapped or under-utilized within their own MIS software, already embedded in their operations.

‘If we can’t measure it, we can’t report on it, if we can’t report it then we cannot control it’, and without control we are not masters of our own destiny.

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