Flexo or Digital?

07 Feb 2017

Label converting is following a pattern that reflects the global print market in which run lengths are declining and mass production is being replaced by more personalization/versioning. These changing market demands bring changes to production planning and opportunities for new technology. But which is the right one to choose, and how can one maximize its potential?

This white paper evaluates the current state of the label market, offers an overview of the technologies available and, utilizing industry sources, provides a data driven approach that allows each converter to choose the most appropriate technology for the type of work being undertaken.

To find out if digital UV inkjet technology is right for your business, consider three key questions:

• What proportion of your work is of 3,000 linear meters or less?

• What additional work could you attract if you had a digital label press?

• How would a digital label press allow you to make better use of your existing analogue technology?