Magnomer coatings prequalified by How2Recycle

Ink and coatings startup gains interest in its printable magnetizable coatings improving recyclability without altering manufacturing processes.

Magnomer, a US and India-based startup specializing in magnetizable coatings for packaging improving separation in existing recycling systems, has been prequalified by How2Recycle for its Magmark SS coatings for polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) shrink sleeves.

According to Magmark, SS coatings, together with a PETG shrink sleeve and an otherwise recyclable PET bottle and cap, allow the bottle to be considered ‘Optimally Recyclable’, without the removal of the sleeve.

How2Recycle, a Virginia-based environmental nonprofit GreenBlue, is a standardized labeling system intended to communicate disposal instructions to the public.

‘Because standard PETG shrink sleeves on PET bottles are considered detrimental to recycling, How2Recycle may designate a PET bottle with a PETG sleeve ‘Not Yet Recyclable,’ or instruct consumers to remove the sleeve prior to recycling if the sleeve has a full-length perforation,’ says Marina Solis, project manager at How2Recycle.

‘We believe that this is the first time that a PETG shrink sleeve technology has been prequalified in this way, and it is Magmark SS that makes the difference,’ commented Ravish Majithia, president and CEO of Magnomer.

The coatings previously received Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) recognition in 2023, in conjunction with several partner companies, including one of the leading beverage makers and shrink sleeve supplier. Other partners included PET recyclers Evergreen and Indorama Ventures.

The evaluation by APR demonstrated that, when applied to PET-G shrink sleeve labels, Magmark SS allows for the materials’ effective removal from PET flake.

Magnomer said the coatings do not interfere with automated NIR, or near-infrared, sorting of PET bottles and permits the use of caustic-resistant inks on PET-G label films, and were tested at production scale with sleeve separation of over 99 percent at commercial PET reclaimers.

The company also claims that magnetizable coatings are scalable and complement current high-speed printing with no impact to operations. They do not affect brand artwork or design, comply with all relevant safety regulations for indirect food contact and are designed to not bleed during wash steps in recycling operations.