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  • 09 Dec 2010

Ball Packaging Europe and EskoArtwork score for Pepsi

Ball Packaging Europe’s adoption of EskoArtwork technology helped Pepsi Cola achieve its highest ever share of cola sales during the World Cup period, according to Market Research company, Nielsen. As part of a Pepsi Cola promotional campaign, Ball Packaging Europe printed pin-sharp images of some of the world’s best footballers – including Frank Lampard, Thierry Henry and Didier Drogba – on Pepsi cans using EskoArtwork’s flexo technology.

The hi-res optics on the CDI Spark Computer to Plate device enables images to be applied directly to flexible letterpress printing plates, and brings out the finest image detail in pin-sharp resolution. The eye-catching Pepsi cans held up to close scrutiny according to Gary Brown, manager Graphics UK for Ball Packaging Europe. He explained: ‘The differentiation we achieved on the flesh tones and the fine text detail for the nutritional information was very impressive.”’
For Brown, the striking results were particularly satisfying as they were created using the letterpress process at full production speed: ‘Producing work of this caliber requires input from all areas of the business. However, the result was worth the effort. It means we can offer our customers exceptional quality and at the same time a competitive value-added solution to the market.’

The campaign attracted more than 1.4m consumer entries, and Pepsi achieved its highest ever share of cola sales during the World Cup period. Jon Ellis, Britvic UK activity marketing manager, Sponsorship & Equity commented: ‘Key to the success of a promotion like this is being able to produce a stand-out design that engages consumers and ensures Pepsi's brand identity remains clearly visible. High-quality, sharply defined print is an essential element in that process. We have been working with EskoArtwork and Ball Packaging Europe to make the most of the innovative solutions available and maximise our product design potential.’

Brown believes EskoArtwork solutions will continue to play a key role in helping Ball Packaging Europe meet future demand for high-end, short-run work: ‘The hi-res CDI from EskoArtwork lets us offer brand owners premium print that stands out on the shelf and grabs consumers’ attention. EskoArtwork technology enhances promotional campaigns by delivering incredibly sharp graphics that support a brand’s image and ensure product differentiation,’ he concluded.