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  • 29 Oct 2010

German Packaging Award for Amcor Flexidity pouch

Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas has received a German Packaging Award for its Amcor Flexidity® flexible rigid pouch, reports Mike Fairley. This innovative packaging solution was rewarded in the 'Prototypes' category and the award was received during a recent ceremony in Nuremberg, Germany..

The Amcor Flexidity solution combines a flexible pouch with a carton sleeve, with the flexible pouch ensuring that the product stays fresh and food waste is reduced. It also delivers easy opening and reclose features, with the cardboard providing the shape and the many convenience benefits − like easy sharing, easy pouring or easy handling. To consume the product, users simply push in the pack on the side to form a stand-up pack and to ensure a wide opening of the pouch.

‘Amcor Flexidity has many advantages for both the brand owner and the consumer,’ explains Daniel Bossel, Head of Innovation & Material Technologies at Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas. ‘The carton sleeve around the pouch protects the product and leads to convenient consumption directly from a stable pack. In its flat form, Amcor Flexidity allows efficient transportation, storage and disposal due to the reduced pack volume.

The judging panel acknowledged the optimization of dosing and the economical storage and transportation of the pack. They also appreciated the added value for consumers since products can't 'roll out' of the pack anymore.

Not only does Amcor Flexidity ensure on-shelf product differentiation through its exclusive and outstanding design, the jury also noted the potential for brand positioning due to the many printing possibilities. Through printing on both the pouch and the carton sleeve increased brand awareness and exceptional brand recognition can be achieved. Furthermore, the functionality of the pack ensures consumer interaction and engagement, leading to positive emotions and creating that 'magic moment' when the pack gets shaped.

Due to the pack's limited packaging weight and volume, more packs can be loaded onto one truck, thus reducing the number of trucks and the corresponding CO2 emission. After consumption, the carton sleeve can be separated from the pouch and recycled through the paper recycle stream.

The award was received in the course of the opening ceremony of FachPack 2010


From left to right: Burkhard Lingenberg, Deutscher Verpackungspreis, Daniel Bossel, Amcor, Horst Förther, Mayor of the city Nuremberg






The winning packaging solution – Amcor Flexidity®