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  • 13 May 2022

Inspirational showcase for wine and spirits labels

Through the use of eye-catching design and innovative production, examples of labels were unveiled that encapsulate a wine’s particular essence and local heritage

Labels displaying the local heritage of wine and spirits are being produced by All4Labels’ flagship facilities around the globe. In Cape Town, Gill Loubser, witnessed the launch of an exciting global marketing strategy 

What do these eight, seemingly unrelated, countries have in common – Argentina, China, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia and South Africa? Answer: They all have distinctive wine-growing credentials and are described by All4Labels as the eight locations of its blue-chip sites, specializing in label production for this ever-burgeoning sector.

This was brought home to guests at the Cape Town launch of the group’s global business strategy – dubbed ‘Motherland’ – at the core of which is a dedicated marketing campaign designed to emphasize the creation of sustainable labels and packaging, especially aimed at the wine and spirits market.

Through the use of eye-catching design and innovative production, examples of labels were unveiled that encapsulate a wine’s particular essence and local heritage.

Welcoming guests to this kick-off event, an understandably proud MD of the South African operation, Marco De Pizzol, remarked: ‘This is a big day for us. We’re not only celebrating the launch of the global Motherland project dedicated to the wine and spirits industry, but we’re also officially opening our new digital printing facility here in Cape Town.’

In concert with All4Labels’ global strategy, the Cape Town facility is dedicated to digital offset technology. It was three years ago that this plant embarked on a transformation and growth project that has now resulted in the formal opening of this digital printing facility, marking a further milestone in All4Labels’ investment plan and allowing entry to South Africa’s wine and spirits market. 

‘We rely on our digital DNA; to us it’s more than just a printing technology,’ Marco De Pizzol told his audience. ‘We truly believe that the future of label printing, and packaging in general, is digital. At our flagship plant in Hamburg, Germany, we operate the world’s largest fleet of HP Indigo presses. It’s our firm belief that this commitment to digitalization allows us to improve agility in the supply chain; reduce a product’s carbon footprint; increase efficiency and speed to market; and minimize waste during the print run,’ he added. ‘Digital printing, along with variable data printing, allows a high level of personalization, ensuring products that stand out on retail shelves.’

Why South Africa?

The choice of South Africa as the launching-pad for this global campaign was intriguing. However, it’s logical, as Marco De Pizzol explained: ‘South Africa is one of the oldest and best-known wine-growing regions in the southern hemisphere. The Western Cape in particular is ideal for wine cultivation. Here cold Atlantic Ocean currents meet the warmer currents of the Indian Ocean, resulting in a Mediterranean-like climate, with temperature fluctuations that provide the magic formula for our excellent South African wines.’

In fact, as he went on to emphasize, South Africa is the ninth-largest wine-producing country, accounting for 3.4 percent of the world’s output. And, with many the country's finest wine varieties famous on global markets, it’s also a sector of prime economic value, giving direct or indirect employment to some 300,000 people, and representing a major revenue stream for the country. 

‘The wine and spirits market is demanding and emotionally driven and we’re glad to embrace this challenge,’ he added. ‘We’re part of a global network but our focus remains on the local market. If a customer has a specific decoration requirement, we can draw on the experience of our production network partners, as well as our global hub for innovation at our Centre of Excellence.’

Also addressing guests was the group’s chief sales officer, Guido Iannone, who attended the event. ‘In the coming months, All4Labels will be producing eight special label concepts on wine and spirits bottles,’ he explained. Created in conjunction with a newly launched packaging design division, called All4Graphics, each label will embody the natural beauty and traditions of its region of origin, while demonstrating All4Labels’ technical and innovative capabilities.

In addition, underlining the importance of building an open environment with meaningful relationships throughout the value chain, All4Labels is working closely with a group of partners to share this ethos, including Avery Dennison, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesive, Leonhard Kurz, H+M, Estal, Actega, Nilpeter, Omet, HP Indigo and Luxoro.

According to Guido Iannone, the Motherland campaign will demonstrate how All4Labels is pioneering innovation with bold creativity, high quality and sustainable packaging for local and global wine and spirits brands.

‘The goal for All4Labels,’ he continued, ‘is to enlarge its presence in this premium market. ‘Wine and spirits have been a core focus of our sales strategy for a long time, and we have developed an extremely high level of technical expertise in label and shrink sleeve production with exceptional finishes and embellishments for premium brands. We are now using this global campaign to deliver exceptional stories through our premium labels, supporting our customers with sustainable solutions and high premium effects.’

In addition, All4Labels is committed to producing labels and packaging in the most efficient and responsible way. 

Sums up Paola Iannone, VP marketing and communication: ‘The Motherland campaign offers the opportunity to promote our brand with an inclusive message that we all are daughters and sons of a mutual motherland. We believe products and brands, as well as people and countries, have their own specific DNA – identities based on lands, heritage, stories and individual peculiarities. It will be a truly global journey and we are expecting to discover what makes us special through these unique designs.’

For more information about the Motherland campaign please go to All4Labels' website.


Gill Loubser is Labels & Labeling's Africa correspondent, providing coverage of this important market for the label and package printing industry.

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