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  • 11 Jul 2016

IST’s LED-based trio

It has been a busy year for UV LED curing technology, with new lamp systems, inks and coatings.

Based on its existing air-cooled MBS-6 quick-change cassettes, IST has chosen the name MBS LAMPcure for its conventional curing system. It has a similar output of 120 W/cm, with a 145 W/cm version available for curing low migration inks and coatings for packaging. The standard distance to the web is 39mm, compared with 45mm on the MBS-6, while the lamp diameter is 19mm not 22mm.

The original URS and URS-A duo rotary cold-mirror reflectors now have pneumatically-operated shutters, rather than electric motors. Metal oxide coatings ensure that infrared radiation is conducted via the coatings directly to the air-cooled aluminum profile. An absence of a direct air flow over the lamp and reflectors reduces dirt and dust to keep cleaning to a minimum. The warranted service life of URS reflectors is 10,000 operating hours and 2,500 hours for the mercury lamps. Plug-ins offer the flexible option to upgrade MBS LAMPcure cassettes with LED lamps. The cordless FLC (Fast Lamp Change) for changing lamps in seconds, and the portable UMS-2 UV measurement device, are standard ancillaries.

The MBS LEDcure system uses replaceable modules with a 55W/cm output and is offered with a UV lamp plug-in. It operates in a standard spectrum of 385nm. Tests have shown this wavelength offers the best response charac­teristics for printing inks, although optional wavelengths of 365-404 nm are offered. LED arrays use solid-state components which gives instant on-off switching in stand-by mode with no unproductive warm-ups. An absence of moving parts also prolongs their life.

The MBS HYcure is a development of IST’s hybrid concept introduced in 2013. It offers easy switching between LAMPcure 120 W/cm lamps and 55 W/cm LEDcure modules. Interchangeable cassettes with removable internal housings allow a smooth exchange between the technologies, with automatic engagement of supply connections.


Barry Hunt is a former, staff writer, technical editor and contributing editor to Labels & Labeling.

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