Flexo Wash launched a new system

Alphasonics USA showed technical advancements in its cleaning systems, designed with an emphasis on anilox control – the ability to clean a roll to 100 percent of its deliverable volume through medical-grade, advanced ultrasonics. The company introduced additions such as automatic dilution systems, hard chromed tanks for system longevity and self-diagnostic elements, which monitor quality of cleaning fluid and current. Alphasonics USA also showed its PCX plate cleaning system, alongside a new parts washing unit. The PW AGI is a unique cleaning system combining advanced ultrasonics with a special agitation system.

Color-Dec introduced Finedome for producing elegant metallic looking labels. No tooling, chemicals, PVCs or electro-forming are required. 

Dover Flexo Electronics launched SteadyWeb6, a closed-loop automatic tension controller with a back-lit, color, touchscreen interface. It holds desired web tension constant to ensure better finished labels. 

Eaglewood Technologies, a finalist for the Label Industry Global Award for innovation, showcased its Sitexo laser anilox cleaning technology. Advanced laser technology combined with software allows the user to easily clean ink and coating chemistry of all types. It can also clean multiple narrow web rolls or a combination of narrow and wide web rolls and sleeves.

Flexo Wash released its latest laser anilox cleaners, the FW 2000 and FW 3000. Flexo Wash also presented two Flexo Wash cleaning technologies: the liquid cleaner and the new laser cleaner. 

Imada introduced improved IPTS 180-degree peel tester with new EL electro luminescent display and easy-to-use menus in eight languages to simplify the selection of units, speed and high or low set-points. This equipment can test samples up to 3.46in wide and 7.75in long.

Kroenert showcased a roll-to-roll system on its existing coating unit for simultaneous double-sided siliconizing of a web. This coating unit can be included in new plants or retrofitted in existing facilities. The process of double-sided siliconizing is especially suitable for paper webs used as release liners for adhesive tapes and for graphic products. Laserclean introduced ALCS1000s laser cleaning machine. It enables cleaning of the engravings by removing pigments and burning away polymers. It can be used as a daily cleaner and does not use any chemicals. Laserclean sold a unit to Heartland Label Printers at the show.

Lundberg Tech showed the MatrixCompactor 140m, designed for removing and handling matrix and edge trim waste from label presses, increasing productivity and allowing non-stop production. 

Matho showed its Cuttobag CB-100 as part of the Automation Arena. This unit was linked to the Xeikon/GM digital line and takes care of the cutting and extraction process of pressure sensitive matrix and edge trims. CB-10 includes an in-line cutting unit, vacuum fan, two piping silencers, an oil spray system to avoid blockages inside the piping system, an electronic control cabinet including a frequency converter to control the fan power, an intake funnel, and the material separator in a compact machine chassis (including sound absorption).

Maxcess showed Magpowr DLCA NET digital load cell amplifier that transmits calibrated values from 1 or 2 tension zones over dual port communications using Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP or Ethercat. 

Meech presented its new Hyperion SmartControl. The SmartControl has been developed to allow easy communication between connected Meech Ionisers though either a LAN or WAN network. Through the SmartControl, connected Meech Hyperion equipment is able to be adjusted quickly and remotely through a single online platform, reducing the need to monitor static control issues on site. Meech also showcases the new 971IPS-30 extra-long range pulsed DC ionizing bar from its Hyperion range. With an operating working distance of 200 to 1500mm, the 971IPS-30 suits very long-range applications. As with the previous version of the bar, the 24V DC supply removes the need for high voltage wiring. 

MoistTech showed a range of sensors and gauges to measure moisture, oil and fat content as well as the thickness or coat weight of coatings, hot melts, glues, adhesives and printing. 

PCMC showed its Meridian laser anilox cleaner, which was nominated for a Label Industry Global Award for Innovation. The unit deep cleans engravings of any line screen thoroughly in a single pass. The Meridian removes inks, adhesives, glazes, stiffeners, coatings, and varnishes from ceramic and chrome surfaces. Using auto-focus technology, it optimizes the laser’s energy to pulverize any residue deposited on the engraved surface. It also features an automatic cleaning cycle, flip-up cleaning area access door and large cleaning area access opening, which offer enhanced ergonomics to the operator. PCMC reported at least two sales from the show floor.

Prisco offered PriscoFlex washers and cleaners designed to clean rollers and plates, including PriscoBond adhesives and PriscoFlex water-based and energy-curable coatings for the flexo market.

Timmer displayed glue pumps with electronic temperature control of the adhesive. The control system is optimized in such a way that the adhesive is quickly heated up and precisely adjusted to the set point without detrimental fluctuation of the temperature. Tower Products released its new UV flexo cleaning product, SmartFlex UV Flexo Cleaner. It cleans all UV flexographic ink from plates and machinery. The product will not swell photopolymer printing plates and can be applied by hand or used in an automatic plate cleaning unit. It can either be mixed with water or used full strength for all UV ink cleaning applications.

Transcoat unveiled its new patent pending technology designed for label printers to make their own laminate. The Transcoat labelstock laminator unwinds faceless rolls (consisting of adhesive and liner only) and laminates any face material (paper, film or other) to generate the final pressure-sensitive construction. Faceless rolls are offered in different width and adhesive technologies (hotmelt, UV acrylic or emulsion acrylics). This technology pairs with a digital press and it also allows printers to reverse print clear facestocks before lamination and can even double side print on opaque material. 

Valmet discussed its IQ Converting Scanner with online measurements that enables the use of machine and cross direction controls for moisture, adhesive and silicone in converting machines. These control systems improve and stabilize the end-product quality, decrease the amount of break and allow the operators to concentrate on quality management and production optimization. 

Vetaphone showcased VE1A corona treaters and an iCorona generator designed for narrow web applications. These systems treat conductive and non-conductive substrates and are equipped with quick change electrode cartridges as standard. Vetaphone corona systems were working on narrow web presses on the show floor, including those on the Mark Andy, HP Indigo, Nilpeter, Bobst, Omet, AB Graphic, Domino, ETI and Screen stands. The company has also added web cleaning technology to its product portfolio, boosting its offering as a surface preparation specialist. 

Yazoo Mills displayed its custom paper cores alongside one and two color cores with in-line printing capabilities.


Andy Thomas is strategic director of Labels & Labeling.

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