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  • 24 Mar 2014

From letterpress to EFI inkjet

Raffaele Ruggieri brings to his label-printing company, Adeprint, a unique combination of vision and talent. He believes strongly in the value and appreciation of fine craftsmanship, which is undoubtedly why, in 1994, he founded his company by acquiring a letterpress operation. His goal was to produce a level of fine quality only letterpress could deliver, one that rivalled if not surpassed silkscreen printing.

But Ruggieri, a skilled computer technician with an education in computer science, was also immersed in the evolution of digital technology. He understood that it would inevitably play a major role in print production. As a result Adeprint progressed without ever losing sight of Ruggieri’s vision. And its array of printing capabilities is what has made it such a success.

Located in Busto Arsizio, an industrial area of Verese, Italy, Adeprint specializes in the production of customized labels. This includes laser die-cutting to create any type of shape, the insertion of anti- counterfeiting elements, marking, micro-perforation and notching, as well as progressively numbered barcodes and other forms of variable-data printing.

These specialized client needs, along with the demands for shorter print runs, put a strain on the break-even point for analogue printing.


Andy Thomas is strategic director of Labels & Labeling.

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