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  • 24 Aug 2022

Omet launches KFlex flexo press

Antonio Bartesaghi, Omet CEO with the KFlex press

Omet has launched a new flexo press platform, the KFlex, designed as a versatile machine capable of converting a wide range of label and filmic materials.

The KFlex is a modular platform press handling substrates from 12 microns up to aluminum lidding and light cartonboard. Targeted at end-use applications in the wine and spirits, food and beverage, household, industrial, healthcare and cosmetics markets, the press is designed to handle everything from self-adhesive labels to wet glue, multi-layer, wraparound and shrink sleeve labels to lids.
The KFlex press is available in two web widths, 430mm (16in) and 530mm (20in), with a maximum print speed of 200m/min (656ft/min).
Omet’s new ‘Switch’ platform technology enables the rapid exchange of trolley-mounted slide in/slide out printing and converting units, allowing the KFlex to be quickly reconfigured and optimized for different production tasks.
The modules currently include a peel-and-seal module for producing multi-layer labels, booklets and coupons with up to three layers and seven printed faces, cold foil and lamination, embossing, coating, hot foil (available both on a rail and as a flatbed in-line station), and a delam-relam unit with web turning bars for back and front printing. Rotary silk screen units are also available.
The slide-in-slide-out Easy-Change Die-Cutting (ECDC) system allows for off-line die preparation and fast exchange of cylinders and flexible dies without the need for a lifting device.
The press has dual UV/LED-UV and hot air-drying paths on each print unit with an additional UV curing unit on the chill drum to provide an extended path for UV coating – all within an extremely compact footprint. The demo press was fitted with GEW’s latest LeoLED water-cooled LED-UV lamps.
This arrangement gives converters enormous flexibility to set up different web path combinations to implement UV or water-based coating and reverse printing on films.
Each KFlex print unit incorporates dual servo drives enabling on-the-fly automatic print-to-print and print-to-die pre-register adjustment. Optionally, Omet can also fit a vision color-to-color automatic register adjustment system based on high-definition camera. This controls both machine and cross direction for each print unit in real-time, bringing the press quickly up to sellable color without operator intervention.
Omet CEO Antonio Bartesaghi tells L&L that the development of the KFlex demonstrates Omet’s long-term commitment to the flexographic market.
‘We have worked hard on ease of use and fast changeovers with our quick-change trolleys. We have the flexibility to change any unit at any position on the press platform, so we are more flexible and
efficient than many other flexo platforms on the market.’ 
We have worked hard on ease of use and fast changeovers with our quick-change trolleys. We have the flexibility to change any unit at any position on the press platform
He continues, ‘We are also manufacturing these presses in a more efficient way by building the frames separately from the different functional units that go on top. Each goes on a different manufacturing path and is matched up at the end. This shortens our delivery times and has allowed us to keep production in Italy.’
Bartesaghi says the KFlex press was designed to be easy and intuitive to use, helping address the current skilled labor shortage.
‘Auto pre-setting and camera control of registration means the press can be run without the need for a skilled operator,’ says Bartesaghi.
Sustainability is another core concept for the KFlex press, particularly with the adoption of LED-UV curing. ‘LED-UV is the future,’ states Bartesaghi.


Andy Thomas is strategic director of Labels & Labeling.

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