Design and origination for sleeve labels

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Design, pre-press and container selection are key elements to consider in sleeve technology, especially when looking at the topic of ‘distortion’. Distortion is a difficult process to understand as it is necessary to anticipate how the sleeve graphics will become altered when they go through a heat tunnel. This in turn means that the graphics will have to be counter-distorted in advance. There are also design considerations that need discussing, as well as things like dielines, artwork, barcodes, proofing and plates. However, before moving into the technicalities of origination and pre-press, it is necessary to step back and examine what the shrink sleeve label offers, to both the brand owner and the consumer. 

Shrink sleeve technology enables a product to capture an audience: grabbing the attention of the consumer as he or she walks through the shop aisles and sees a beautiful, 360-degree decorated product. The goal is to have the consumer reach out for the shrink sleeve-decorated product and purchase it.