Shrink Sleeve Technology

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Shrink sleeve technology is one of the fastest growing of all the label and product decoration processes, and increasing numbers of converters are making the leap to begin producing shrink sleeve labels. But what is shrink sleeve labeling? When did it start? What does it offer that other labeling technologies cannot offer? What are some of the key markets and applications for which it is frequently used? What is the size of the shrink sleeve market, and at what rate is it growing? 

This book will serve as an introduction to the art and science of the shrink sleeve label converting process. It is our hope to both educate and to provide the tools needed to either enhance an existing shrink sleeve output to a higher level of quality and consistency or, for converters contemplating entering the market, make an informed decision whether to make the leap. 


Mike Fairley is Labels & Labeling's strategic consultant.

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