AM Labels expands portfolio with automatic bottle label applicator

LabelPack Compact WA is designed to apply labels directly onto jars, bottles and cans.

AM Labels has expanded its portfolio with LabelPack Compact WA, an automatic bottle label applicator designed to apply labels directly onto jars, bottles and cans with speeds up to 100 products a minute.

The LabelPack features a 2,000 mm long product transport conveyor belt, which can be supplied in two standard widths, 100 mm or 200 mm. It also features a 140 mm wide labeling head and a 500 mm long wraparound belt. Wider belts are also available for labeling taller cylindrical items.

The Compact WA applicator comes with a PLC controller and a 7.1-in color touch screen, allowing users to control the speed of the conveyor, labeling head and wrap around. When the transflective (break the beam) product sensor detects the presence of a bottle on the conveyor, it applies the label on the product at the correct time. At the same time, the adjustable side rails accommodate different-sized bottles.

Additional options include a conveyor belt encoder to synchronize the speed of all moving parts, product separators and thermal or inkjet coding units and different width labeling heads.

There is also a version with twin labeling heads for two-sided labeling.

Brendon Bass, sales and marketing manager at AM Labels, said: ‘We have further expanded our LabelPack offering to include the Compact WA bottle label applicator. The new bottle applicator is the perfect solution for companies that are looking to automate their processes to ensure consistency with their finished products. What’s more, with the capability to apply up to 100 labels a minute, the Compact WA can save businesses a significant amount of time, too.’