Paulig invests in Lundberg Tech customized waste handling system

The company increases its capacity and saves materials while decreasing gas and energy consumption.

Belgium-based international food and beverage company Paulig has invested in a new, fully customized central waste handling system from Lundberg Tech to increase its capacity, save materials as well as to decrease gas and energy consumption.

The production in the fully automated Paulig bakery in Belgium is running 24/7. With extra focus on waste handling Paulig wanted to reduce its already high production performance and low downtimes even further.

In 2016 and 2017 Lundberg Tech therefore became the turnkey supplier of two central vacuum waste handling systems capturing edge trim from multivac thermoforming packaging machines in two different flow packaging tortilla factories.

The cut waste is delivered directly into a dual bag collection unit, equipped with sensors and automated switch over at full waste bags.

In 2021 Paulig decided to design and built an even more modern factory to be completed in 2022 and with plans for an extension in 2023. This has resulted in a further automation of the central system to handle the waste.

‘We were advised to design the new Lundberg Tech Central System with a larger ventilator and separator system so that it is prepared for a future fourth central system extension,’ said Bruno Noppe, operations director at Paulig. ‘We are very pleased with the professional guidance from and cooperation with Lundberg Tech.’

‘With the central system we have less stoppage time,’ added Noppe. ‘We have experienced savings in raw materials, gas and energy consumption, less wasted products and labor as well as more packed products per hour.’

‘Our Lundberg Tech central trim extraction system is a must for the high output thermoforming multivac packaging lines in our production,’ concluded Rick Vandenbroucke, technical engineering manager at Paulig.