ePS Packaging to introduce new technologies at Gulf Print & Pack

eProductivity Software (ePS) has confirmed it will showcase how customers can harness its technologies to drive profits and maintain a competitive edge on the market, during the upcoming Gulf Print & Pack in Dubai, UAE.

ePS Packaging, an operating unit of eProductivity Software, showcases resilient end-to-end ecosystems. Its software aims to enable businesses to drive profits, navigate and compete in the dynamic realm of packaging markets. At the heart of its ethos is a commitment to meeting the unique needs of diverse sectors within the industry, offering tailored technologies that resonate with each sector’s specific challenges and opportunities.

ePS Packaging will present the latest release of ePS Radius ERP, its flagship Enterprise Resource Planning software, designed explicitly for the label, folding carton, and flexible packaging sectors.

Developed on HTML5 architecture, the release features an intuitive and personalized UI/UX that enhances production efficiency through streamlined workflows and reduced touchpoints, delivering robust automation capabilities to the end-user.

The navigation is now more user-friendly to minimize the learning curve, provide instant access to critical information, tools, and guarantee responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, facilitating a seamless user experience across devices. These notable operational improvements and real-time performance insights enable data-driven decision-making and process optimization.

Radius ERP, an all-inclusive platform, offers a range of management tools covering everything from estimation and quoting to production planning, scheduling, materials, and waste management. With support for multi-company, multi-plant, multi-currency, and multi-language environments, it stands out as one of the most comprehensive ERP solutions.

Aside from Radius, the visitors will have the opportunity to explore the company’s range of applications compatible with any ERP technology, including ePS’ browser-based dynamic scheduling software, PrintFlow4D (PF4D), and Auto-Count 4D (AC4D), its shop floor data collection technology.

PF4D is a scheduling module that allows businesses to easily prioritize complex, multi-site production processes. It optimizes production scheduling up to 20 times faster than existing solutions, significantly improving productivity, reducing costs, maximizing asset utilization and increasing profits.

With Auto-Count 4D (AC4D), businesses can collect and analyze their data in real-time, enabling informed, data-driven decision-making.

ePS Packaging will also showcase a trio of cutting-edge corrugated technologies, including the ePS Escada Automatic Corrugator Warp Control that enhances corrugated board quality and ensures manufacturing precision.

Using advanced technology to identify cardboard warps in real time actively, ePS Escada employs a closed-loop system to respond to detected warps, preserving product quality and manufacturing efficiency.

‘In an era where packaging is critical in shaping brand perception and consumer experience, ePS Escada recognizes that superior corrugated board quality is a cornerstone for success. Our commitment to advancing board quality reaffirms our dedication to excellence and positions corrugated manufacturers to pursue and win new, high-value business ventures.

In a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship, our sustainability solutions will be on display, underscoring our dedication to eco-friendly practices within the packaging landscape,’ said the company.

Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to explore our comprehensive Corrugated Suite, ranging from Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to advanced corrugator QCS control systems, reinforcing our position as the industry leader with the broadest corrugated offering available.

Additionally, ePS Packaging will introduce optional subscription pricing models for the entire Packaging Suite and its components tailored explicitly for folding cartons, labels and flexible packaging manufacturers and converters.

ePS specialists will be on hand to answer all questions and present the future of packaging technology at booth I11 at Gulf Print & Pack between January 9 and 11, 2024, in Dubai, UAE.