Finat’s European Label Forum 2024 confirmed in Greece

The label community is preparing for the event, which will be held in May 2024 at the Divani Caravel hotel in Athens, Greece.

Finat, the European association for the label industry has confirmed details for this year’s edition of European Label Forum 2024, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, young professionals and experts to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the label printing industry.

This year’s event will be divided into five sessions, focusing on the general business climate, developments along the supply chain, sustainability, innovation and label leadership.

In-depth presentations and panel discussions will provide the audience with the most up-to-date knowledge on current topics that are relevant to all players in the label industry. Participants always praise the event for its networking opportunities with industry peers and other professionals.

With support from the industry, the forum also provides attendees the chance to learn about the latest products and services from leading label printing suppliers.

Confirmed contributors are Labels & Labeling, Avery Dennison, Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Omet, PPG, Gallus, GEW UV, Herma, Evonik, Kanzan, Vebex, bel, Beontag just to name a few.

New this year is the Young Professionals workshop that will be hosted by Laura Bas, a multiple award-winning changemaker and Generation Z expert. She has presented for the United Nations and is Youth Ambassador for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consulting hundreds of young people worldwide. With her TikTok and Instagram channels ‘delaurabasboost’ she provides career advice. She also advises organizations on how to attract and retain young talent. She has spoken for Microsoft, Unicef, APG and was a panelist at BNR News Radio.

Young professionals are invited to join this interactive session on the power of Gen Z and how to transform outdated working processes to utilize the strength of the different generations in the workforce. This part of the program is available for young professionals (up to 40 years of age) upon separate registration.

Finat has also confirmed its keynote speakers:

  • Guy Verhofstadt: born in Dendermonde, Belgium in 1953, has carved a career as a Belgian politician and advocate for a stronger, more united European Union. His lifelong dedication to European integration has been marked by his unwavering belief in the power of cooperation and collaboration to address global challenges. As former Belgian prime minister, Verhofstadt was appointed as chair of the Conference on the Future of Europe in 2022, a major initiative aimed at revitalizing the EU and addressing the concerns of its citizens.
  • Michel Scholte, director and co-founder of the Impact Institute and the co-founder and executive director of True Price. To him, idealism is intrinsic to entrepreneurship. As a social entrepreneur, he is dedicated to a more equitable economy, in balance with nature and without extreme forms of poverty and suppression. From 2020-2022, this won him the honorary title of Minister of the New Economy in The Netherlands. His most recent venture is the CSRD Academy, an initiative to prepare industries like the labels and packaging sector for the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
  • Katie King is a highly sought-after AI strategist and influencer who is revolutionizing the way businesses leverage artificial intelligence. With her understanding of AI technology and its applications, King has helped countless organizations achieve their goals and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing digital landscape. Her expertise extends to various industries, including healthcare, finance, and retail, and she has a proven track record of success in helping businesses achieve their objectives and transform their businesses.
  • Tim Foster, a British rower, is a champion who has etched his name in the Olympic history. Born in Bedford, England, on January 19, 1970, Foster's passion for rowing blossomed early, leading him to excel at the sport from a young age and winning gold at the prestigious 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Beyond his Olympic success, Foster is also an accomplished coach, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience. His infectious enthusiasm and strategic insights have helped shape countless careers. He embodies the true spirit of sportsmanship, demonstrating the importance of teamwork, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence.

This event presents the opportunity for label printers of all sizes to get updated on the latest developments in or that affect the label industry. Professionals from mid to high-level management will be present to reconnect and meet with attendees.

The program allows time for socializing and networking during numerous entertaining social activities.

Philippe Voet, Finat’s president, commented: ‘If there ever was a reason to attend our European Label Forum, it is this year. The label and packaging industry is at the complex intersection of transitory changes, economic uncertainty, geopolitical instability, market volatility, sustainability requirements, new regulations, technological innovation and generation change.

‘All these topics will feature on our agenda this year in a series of interactive sessions featuring expert speakers and panelists on topics like consumer attitudes, supply chain management, CSRD, PPWR, AI and Employer Branding. And in this peak year of elections globally as well as the Olympics in Paris, our venue of Athens as the cradle of democracy and Mount Olympus nearby could not be more appropriate. I look forward to welcoming the European label community to our event.’

Visit Finat’s European Label Forum 2024 website to see detailed program and to register. Second delegates from the same company benefit from a EUR 200 discount.

For further information, please get in touch with Finat via