Masterpress wins two AWA Sleeve Label Awards

European provider of packaging has won two AWA (Alexander Watson Associates) Sleeve Label Awards recognizing excellence in label printing

Masterpress, a European provider of printed decorative packaging, has won two AWA (Alexander Watson Associates) Sleeve Label Awards recognizing excellence in label printing. 

Masterpress’ TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve produced for TINE SA won in the Environmental Winner category, and Żubrówka Black Limited-Edition packaging created for CEDC International was recognized as the Best of Show packaging.  

‘The AWA Sleeve Label Award recognizes excellence in label printing, and we are incredibly proud to have our work acknowledged in this prestigious competition,’ said Jeroen de Haan, general manager of Masterpress. ‘These awards show our commitment and dedication to merging aesthetics and quality with sustainability and innovation.’ 

The TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve, made for Berry Superfos Lidköping, encompasses the company's commitment to sustainable packaging and reflects ‘designed-for-recycling' standards set by RecyClass. The packaging introduces a low-density polyolefin shrink sleeve material creating a ‘mono-material-like' packaging that facilitates identification and recycling of the cups in the correct polymer stream. 

Additionally, this sleeve uses thinner, 45micron polyolefin, effectively reducing the amount of material. The design ensures the cups are correctly recycled, lessening environmental impact and pushing the packaging industry towards more ‘good-for-recycling' solutions.  

The Żubrówka Black Limited Edition hybrid-printed shrink sleeve label created for CEDC, with its intricate gold details against a deep black backdrop, exemplifies exceptional design and printing. The design, inspired by the pristine waters of the Bialowieza Forest and the oak charcoal filtration method, portrays metallic winter flora and snowflakes. An added value are almost invisible perforations for effortless label removal before recycling the glass bottle without compromising the brand's premium integrity.