Parkside and Mummy Meegz develop home compostable packaging

Vegan chocolate brand Mummy Meegz chooses Parkside’s Park2Nature compostable material

Parkside has partnered with vegan chocolate brand Mummy Meegz to bring its amphibian mascot Billie to life in a colorful design adorning a 100 percent  home compostable pack. 

The packaging, made with Parkside’s Park2Nature compostable material, is available in two designs to differentiate the oat milk and white chocolate product lines. Both are adorned with the colorful cartoon frog Billie, closely depicting the cool chocolate frog inside the pack. So not only is Billie a vegan swap, but he is also made from chocolate which is sustainably sourced and packed in the TÜV-certified home compostable packaging.  

‘Sustainability and ethical shopping are increasingly important to today’s consumers, as more shoppers than ever are concerned with how their purchases are produced and packed,’ said Paul Lenihan, Sales account manager at Parkside.  

‘This pack, produced in partnership with Mummy Meegz, considers the sustainable sentiments of today’s consumer. Mummy Meegz is a wonderful, independent business with a strong, uncompromising brand identity. Their motto is “kindness 100 percent guaranteed” and we are proud to have delivered a pack that aligns with that ethos.’ 

TÜV home compostable certification means the pack is guaranteed to break down into nothing more than biomass, water, and carbon dioxide within 26 weeks in a regular domestic compost heap, and within 12 weeks in a composting facility. Importantly for Mummy Meegz, if and when it enters the sea the packaging will disintegrate by 96 percent in 36 weeks, with signs of microbial activity which is essential for full degradation. 

Helen Hartley, managing director of Mummy Meegz, said it was important the brand’s packaging was in line with the brand’s ethos. ‘We are on a mission to show the world that chocolate can be mind-blowingly good without the need for animal products. At the same time we want to minimize any potential impact to animals and marine life throughout the full life cycle of our packaging, and Parkside’s sustainable solutions really fit the bill.’ 

The Park2Nature material that makes up the pack is a paper-based triplex laminate, made without polylactic acids (PLAs), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other substances that could leak into the environment.