Clarifoil gains home compostability certification

Clarifoil gains home compostability certification

Celanese Corporation’s Clarifoil product, the cellulose acetate film for carton windows, print lamination, labels and tapes, was recently awarded the OK certificate for Home Compost Conformity issued by AIB-Vincotte International. The certification follows comprehensive testing with Clarifoil, which already holds DIN EN 13432 and ASTM D6400 biodegradability accreditation.

‘This additional home composting certification gives Clarifoil the rare combination of being a compostable, biodegradable material while having a proven track record in the packaging industry for decades,’ said the company in a statement.

Clarifoil films are widely used for food packaging and luxury products due to their performance combination of clarity, dimensional stability and tactile properties. Natural moisture permeability deters fogging and spoilage of window packs. Clarifoil is approved for food contact. For decorative and anti-counterfeit purposes, Clarifoil can embody custom logos, designs and tamper evidence.

‘The home compostability certificate, in addition to Clarifoil’s US and European biodegradability accreditations, gives packaging and label producers and specifiers a great choice for combining quality with excellent environmental sustainability,’ said Don Taylor, Clarifoil sales manager Americas.

Clarifoil is the film business of Celanese Acetate LLC, based in Dallas Texas.