UPrint Technologies launches new logo and brand image

The company celebrates five years with new logo symbolizing the growth and transition from a newcomer to a key player.

UPrint Technologies, supplier of flexo and screen-printing technology, has launched new logo and brand image celebrating five years in business.

The new logo symbolizes the company's growth and transition from a newcomer to a key player in the printing technologies marketplace. 

Created by The Rebel Idea, the new logo symbolizes a significant step in its evolution. It blends modernity with a nod to printing heritage. The new image has simplified iconography and a more proportional brand identity, emphasizing clarity and efficiency. At the same time, the new typography alludes to paper moving through a print press and underscores the tactile essence of printing. 

Edward Scheppink, the company’s CEO, said: ‘The new logo represents more than a new image. It is a statement of UPrint's dedication to leading the printing industry's future with a modern, recognizable, and dynamic visual identity. 

‘The consideration of a rebranding emerged not as a departure from its legacy but as an amplification of its core values in a rapidly evolving market. This change will help to distinguish UPrint Technologies further globally and reinforce its commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction.’ 

The new logo and visual image debut at Infoflex 2024 with a new website in the works and scheduled to be launched in Q2, 2024.