Actega invests big into New Jersey facility

Investment to enhance automation and increase production capacity

Actega invests big into New Jersey facility

Actega invests big into New Jersey facility

Actega, a manufacturer of specialty coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants and compounds with a focus on the packaging and print industry, has announced a 5 million USD investment in its New Jersey facility.

The investment will support various developments at the site, including the transition to automated production processes and plans to increase production capacity and storage space.

The multiple expansion projects and process improvements planned for the New Jersey site, which mainly focuses on coating operations, have already begun, with the full development plan set to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

As part of this ambitious initiative, Actega is implementing advanced technologies with the goal of increasing automation to reduce costs, minimize human error and increase efficiencies. Standardizing workflows and enhancing manufacturing processes will also enable Actega to optimize its product formulations, further improving accuracy and consistency of quality, as well as increasing overall production bandwidth and operational efficiency. 

Andrei Sotkeviciene, president of Actega North America, commented: 'This substantial investment in our New Jersey facility showcases Actega's unwavering commitment to growth in North America. Installing these latest, cutting-edge technologies further demonstrates our forward-thinking approach towards improving our operations for the benefit of our customers and the markets we serve. We are proud to set an example for other organizations seeking to remain competitive in today's market while upholding the highest quality and service standards.' 

Another part of this initiative sees Actega embark on an expansion plan with an emphasis on increasing facility space and production capacity. The company's enhanced storage capabilities will play a crucial role in helping Actega address the raw materials issues faced by all industry suppliers in recent years. It will not only enable Actega to further integrate its manufacturing process to drive efficiency but also reduce costs while increasing flexibility to handle material supplies and store large quantities of products for high-volume customers. 

Lee Andrews, vice president of the Paper and Board business line at Actega, said, 'At Actega, we operate specialized facilities with dedicated teams for the different markets we serve in North America. This has allowed us to focus on product excellence, exceptional customer service and expert technical support. The New Jersey facility has become a hub for the paper and board business line in the region. The investment Actega is making in this site enables us to continue to meet our customer needs and deliver an even more specialized service that complies with the latest regulations for direct food contact barrier coatings. This is an ongoing commitment across Actega's global operations and one that will allow our team here in New Jersey to remain competitive while strengthening our position as a leading coatings supplier to the North American print and packaging industry.'