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  • 30 Dec 2019

Avery Dennison launches matrix recycling program in India

Avery Dennison launches matrix recycling program in India

Avery Dennison has introduced matrix recycling program for label printers in India. The company has partnered with recycler Shakti Plastic Industries for this initiative implemented in South Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa (SAPSSA) for the first time this year.

Until now, matrix waste had no viable use and it was primarily going in landfills or disposed-off using non-environment friendly ways. With the new program now, it gets collected from printers’ factories by waste management company that the material manufacturer has signed up with, and recycled for re-use in other formats.

While paper goes in waste to energy applications where paper matrix can be used as fuel and be used as a replacement of coal; films are converted to polymer pellets that can further be used to make other plastic products. ‘Recyclers have handled adhesive as well as ink problem with recycling technology,’ said Parag Bagade, head, sustainability, compliance, ADvantage services, SAPSSA.

‘It is complex process and required setting a business model,’ continued Bagade. ‘We did a pilot project earlier this year with label printers including Zircon Technologies, Creative Labels, Syndicate Labels, original plants of Webtech Labels and Ajanta Packaging, and Seljegat. Recycling company collected six tons of waste for pilot and it took us 10 months to get started. Since then there has been no looking back. Now, that we have identified right technology and recyclers, we see a lot of pull from converters to try this.’

Printers’ contribution
Waste is collected at no cost from printing factories provided printers segregate paper and film waste. They are also required to keep all the waste in a closed environment to keep it contamination free, especially from dust, pebbles, water, etc. Thirdly, printers must compact waste for easy and efficient transportation.

‘A lot of printers are now discussing and investing in compacters and other waste management equipment. This program has led to a paradigm shift in the industry,’ added Bagade.

‘It is about understanding the problem and cracking a correct solution and driving it in right direction with viable solutions,’ Bagade concluded.

Avery Dennison launched its liner recycling program with brands in 2018. The liner waste is collected from factories and converted to tissue paper at a recycling company.