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  • 06 Oct 2021

Denim brand chooses Nedap iD Cloud

G-star selected the Nedap iD Cloud platform to achieve complete inventory visibility, supporting its omnichannel strategy

Nedap Retail, one of the global RFID specialists, has partnered with G-Star. The denim brand selected the Nedap iD Cloud platform to achieve complete inventory visibility, supporting its omnichannel strategy.

What started as an in-store inventory visibility project, leveraging Nedap Retail technology a few years ago, has grown to close the gap between online and brick-and-mortar shopping. Knowing what’s in stock and where items are located throughout the supply chain is essential for the denim brand to match demand and supply anywhere at any moment. 

With optimum digital product availability through the leveraging of store stock, G-Star will also achieve efficiency gains when fulfilling Ship-from-Store and BOPIS (Click and Collect) orders and when checking on incoming goods as well as optimizing availability based on refill suggestions.

‘Covid-19 has further underlined the importance of our omnichannel approach,’ said Barry van Wijk, head of European retail operations at G-Star RAW. ‘As a brand, you must integrate e-commerce and traditional retail to create a seamless shopping experience for today’s hyper-connected consumer.

‘We have clearly seen a change in the traditional role of stores. They used to be the go-to spot to try and buy denim, but the actual purchase isn’t necessarily made in stores anymore these days. Stores are transforming into an even more important asset to give shoppers a full omnichannel brand experience as we now also use them as mini distribution centers. This enables our customers to pick up an item they have just purchased online or have it delivered to them within a day.’

Bruno Bakker, business development manager at Nedap, added: ‘It was great to partner with G-Star on this project, and as they already source tagged all their merchandise, it was easy to implement our technology. Source tagging involves applying the RFID label to the garment in the factory, which allowed us to kick-start our project and show results with regards to end-to-end traceability and rapidly fulfilling e-commerce orders. We are thrilled that G-Star is reaping the benefits of RFID, and we are proud to add this great denim brand to our iD Cloud platform community.’


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