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  • 09 Jan 2020

First Smyth facility achieves SGP certification

First Smyth facility achieves SGP certification

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainable printing certifications, announced that Smyth Companies, Bedford, Virginia, has been certified as an SGP Printer. This is Smyth Companies' first location to become an SGP certified printer.

Smyth received its first sustainability certification in 2009, making a commitment to itself and its customers to protect the health of the earth's natural environment and conserve its energy resources. SGP's multi-attribute comprehensive certification was a natural progression and significant next step for Smyth because it fully encompasses operation's production and office practices along with proven methodology specifically developed for the printing industry. Smyth looks forward to using best practices outlined by SGP to enhance its processes for making socially responsible decisions which positively impact the environment, providing its customers with sustainable supply chain options, and safeguarding the health and safety of its employees.

‘Being good stewards of our resources is good for business, but more importantly it is boundless for the environment, our customers, employees and our communities. Our philosophy is to leave our surroundings in a better place than we found them,’ said Scott Fisher, president. ‘We look forward to enhancing sustainability as part of our continuous improvement plan and adopting the mandatory best practices SGP has developed for the printing industry.’

Smyth-Bedford will continue to measure and implement processes for reducing water and energy usage, as well as waste throughout production and offices areas, using change-behavior as a catalyst. Locally, as part of its public outreach, its workforce will continue to participate in community waste clean-up and beautification activities for the Bedford area.

During 2020, Smyth-Bedford will be looking for new opportunities to make positive environmental influences in its community and improve the health and safety for its employees. They also look forward to championing the certification process for Smyth, and assisting its other facilities in Minneapolis; Austin, Minnesota; and Boston with completing their certification processes.


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