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  • 14 Jul 2022

Gallus products to be carbon neutral by end of 2022

Gallus Ferd. Rüesch has pledged to make its products carbon neutral by the end of 2022

Gallus Ferd. Rüesch has pledged to make its products carbon neutral by the end of 2022, which, once certified, is likely to become one of the first narrow web press manufacturers to meet this environmental milestone.

In addition to strengthening its focus on economic, social, and environmental responsibility, which includes actively working to reduce harmful carbon emissions, Gallus has partnered with climate specialist, Forliance to offset the remaining emissions from its production process and help achieve its target within an ambitious timeline.

Gallus’s sustainability program is already ISO 14001 certified, which ensures that the organization meets its legal obligations, adopts environmentally sound processes and takes a responsible approach to environmental management.

‘Climate change is increasingly becoming a stress test for print manufacturers and their business models, and for some, it’s one of their biggest challenges they face,’ commented Michael Sahm, director of climate change strategy at Forliance. ‘But a well-planned corporate climate solution can turn climate change-related risks and headaches into tangible opportunities. For Gallus, we’re confident that we have the right strategy in place to meet its objectives by following the Kyoto protocol gold standard. This will ensure a meaningful environmental change for the business, its customers, and lay the foundations for future aspirations.’

With production facilities in Switzerland and Germany, Gallus manufacturers a broad portfolio of conventional and digital narrow-web, reel-fed presses designed for the label and packaging business. The company employs around 300 people worldwide, with over 1,250 customers and more than 3,800 presses in the field. With such a dynamic business and diverse portfolio, the first project objective is to explore how these presses are manufactured and calculate the related carbon emissions, assessing each step in the production process, from design and material selection to energy consumption and packaging. The plan is then to compensate for the resulting CO2 emissions, adhering to the gold standard offsetting program. At the same time, a team is driving the company's decarbonization through increased energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Dario Urbinati, chief sales and service officer at Gallus Group, added: ‘As a business, we recognize that there is no time to waste in bringing sustainability to the top of the agenda. It’s critical that we address our environmental impact with the same expertise, dedication, meticulousness, and speed that we do our print solutions. What’s more, we must ensure that we provide our customers and wider brands with the same confidence in our sustainability credentials as we do for every other aspect of our service. 

‘Over the last ten months, we’ve worked in alignment with Heidelberg’s corporate environmental program. This has been built into the business at a practical level, enabling us to make conscious, informed decisions as to resourcing, management of facilities and to how we design and manufacture our presses. But we need to do more. So, while we are still at the start of this journey, ensuring that our products are carbon neutral in the future will be an important step in demonstrating our ambitions.’

In 2023, Gallus celebrates its 100th year in operation. In addition to its sustainability program, the business has several other projects lined up to realize a new vision for its future and cement its next century of successful business and positive change on the broader industry. 

‘As we move forward into this new evolutionary phase of our business, our focus is on doing everything we can to build a more positive, sustainable future for the print and packaging market. The approach of the company’s centenary year has provided the ideal opportunity to re-evaluate our processes and realign our priorities so that we are now making conscious, purposeful strides towards bringing this vision into reality,’ concluded Dr Frank Schaum, CEO of Gallus Group.


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