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  • 21 Sep 2015

Labelexpo Europe 2015 new products preview - materials, adhesives and coatings

Polyonics is introducing a family of black and white polyimide and aluminum-based laser markable label materials at Labelexpo Europe 2015

As part of L&L's comprehensive preview of new products to be seen at Labelexpo Europe 2015, here the magazine highlights new materials, as well as adhesives and coatings, that will be seen at the show.

The full preview can be read in L&L issue 4, 2015, and online here, while you can read more about the following technologies on the L&L website: conventional presses; digital presses; inks, curing and drying; MIS and pre-press; finishing; ancillaries; inspection; linerless and package printing.

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison introduces an emulsion acrylic general-purpose adhesive allowing high speed converting. With up to five times higher ‘time to stick’, it offers up to 60 percent higher force to peel on cardboard, up to five times better high speed loop tack, and more than three times higher adhesion at lower temperatures (5 deg C to 0 deg C). A broader temperature application range expands commercial possibilities and the adhesive is food and fatty food approved. New products for added shelf appeal include Aqua Opaque for the wet opacity issues in wine and spirits labels (ice bucket test); and AeroDress, a self-adhesive substrate for optimal shelf appeal on aerosol cans. A new bio-based PE product helps end users meet their environmental sustainability goals, while Avery Dennison Glass Recycling is a proprietary labeling technology that allows clear separation of PSL from glass particles thus facilitating cleaner glass recycling.


TLH4275HE is an adhesive technology for non-staining labels. Developed for use in the food processing, food retailing and logistics sectors, the HMPSA technology can be used in application temperatures as low as -4 deg C and is compatible with a range of materials, including vellum and thermal paper. For Deep Freeze Labels, Bostik’s TLH2259E meets EU Regulation No 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. This multi-purpose adhesive adheres to a variety of substrates including cardboard or film materials in low temperature, wet and frosty conditions.


Collano presents a new generation of UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesives that are derived from renewable and bio-based raw materials and are intended for label applications. Fatty acid derivatives found in vegetable oils make particularly attractive base substances for bio-based adhesives, because they have an inherently low glass-transition temperature. The polyester is 100 percent bio-based, is UV-curable and lends itself to a wide range of PSA formulations for bonding all kinds of profiles. The company also shows additional functions including colored adhesives used in security applications, and used as reversible systems for temperature visualization.

Co-Mo Adhesives

Launches CM989DC courier bag sealing tape with good initial adhesion at low temperature. Strong initial peel strength and excellent aging performance are features, along with good bonding for PE bags, says Co-Mo. Other new products include CM969K waterproof tape and CM969H for wrapping electronic cables.

Crown Van Gelder

Introduces Letsgo high speed water-based inkjet paper range to the label and packaging market.

Dow Corning

Dow Corning launches in Europe its Syl-Off 7945 water-based silicone emulsion designed for the PET film coating process. It is designed to replace solvent-based release coatings and claimed to exhibit fast cure, good anchorage and a lower release force. Syl-Off SL 411 coating is a solvent-free silicone release polymer technology that offers low platinum levels and optimizes high-speed performance on bulk roll pressure-sensitive labelstock, food packaging and industrial release papers using glassine and super-calendared kraft (SCK) substrates.

Dragon Foils

Launches FXC6.3A/OP over-printable flexo cold foil, good for paper, PP, PE and PVC both in fine details and solid areas, with good release properties, excellent over-printability, according to the manufacturer. Corona treatment is recommended for PP, PE and PVC. Primer is recommended for semi-coated paper and PET. Foiling speed up to 70-80m/min and some 110-120m/min on Gallus machines.


Introduces delaminating and destructible security labels for direct thermal printing technologies. The Delaminating label offers a clean stick with no re-application to the product. The Destructible label is easily destroyable after removal of the label.

Evonik Industries

Introduces Tego RC 722, a new member of the Tego RC silicones family. Tego RC 722 is an anchorage component for use in combination with Tego RC 902 and/or Tego RC 922 to yield a final release coating with premium release qualities, excellent anchorage and minimal rub-off, says the manufacturer.  Tego RC 722 is claimed to eliminate the need for an additional anchorage promoter. Evonik also promotes its UV curing Tego RC Silicones for in-line coating on top of printed substrates for linerless applications.


New products include: laser etchable destructible acrylic for durable goods market; for pharma market, top coat for PET and PP suitable for low migration UV cured ink; purple flexible PE break-coat void and destructible PVC for security applications; high temperature labeling substrates up to 550 degrees C; removable silicone adhesive system for adhesive tapes.

Guangzhou Manborui

The Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) security label is claimed unique, with the ability to return from a deformed shape to the original shape triggered by an external temperature change. The SMP Label can store hidden embossed logo/text shape information in the synthetic paper and release the 3D touchable pattern when exposed to ≥ 65 deg C, which can be achieved with a cigarette lighter, hot water or hair drier in 3-5 seconds. SMP labels have mainly security applications. If the product is genuine, when you heat the label, it will emboss the user-customized 3D touchable pattern. Guangzhou Manborui developed the SMP Label with support from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and the company has declared eight national patents and four PCT international patents to protect its intellectual property rights.

Hanita Coatings

Hanita's new high durability films include white PET labelface developed to resist the high temperatures of the vulcanization process in the tire manufacture industry, now available in 100 and 125 micron with a topcoat developed to enable printing by UV inkjet. A new generation of thin, Halogen-free printable Flame Retardant PET facestock with good lay-flat is also being shown, alongside a new matte white 50 micron film with antistatic properties developed specifically for drum labeling with thermal transfer and laser. Also on show is a portfolio of security products, including Halogen-free white tamper evident film developed to comply with the new non-Halogenic regulations affecting the electronics industry, and a range of economic Laser Etch films ablatable by ND YAG and CO2 lasers, targeting the automotive and military label sectors.


Launches two TC (top coated) thermal label papers. Hansol TC HR is optimized for maximum legibility and resistance in weighscale and logistics applications.

HB Fuller

Introduces a new water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive named Fulltak SE 8301 that helps beverage producers remove PSA labels during the label wash-off process of returnable bottles. Labels are cleanly removed during a typical warm, caustic wash-off process, and importantly, the adhesive remains coated on the label, minimizing contamination of the wash water. Fulltak SE 8301 delivers two hours ice-water resistance, maintaining brand integrity during use.


HermasuperPerm 63S adhesive allows the production of tamper-evident labels for pharma or other security applications and is introduced at the show. The final adhesion of HermasuperPerm 63S is so high, says Herma, that sealing labels equipped with the adhesive cannot be removed from lacquered pharmaceutical packaging as well as many other polar and non-polar surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, or plastics and steel without destruction of the label or the packaging surface. HermasuperPerm 63S is highly resistant against water, hot air, and various solvents.

Hueck Folien

Launches Paxafe facestock material for security labels based on paper which shows an invisible tamper-evident pattern. There are different void patterns available, including custom patterns. Paxafe is offered on different kinds of paper surface, including high security paper. Trying to remove the Paxafe label, the hidden message appears and leaves a footprint on the substrate.

İlkay Kağıtçılık

Following installation of acrylic lamination machine, launches new tire adhesive, Novita Tyre, with applications ranging from tire labels to double sided tapes. Also introduces range of products with PET liners, both for paper and filmic labelstock.

Innovia Films

Launches a range of EU and FDA food contact-compliant films. These top-coated films have been developed for the self-adhesive label market and satisfy new regulatory requirements.  Ultrafoil CFA (clear) and WFA (white) and squeezable versions, Ultrafoil CZFA and WZFA deliver consistent print and foiling performance.  Two additional high barrier Ultrafoil grades will be announced before the show.


Presents a range of new surface-primed certified PSA films for HP Indigo WS6600/6800 presses. The new digital range of PSA films includes PE and PP films for Xeikon. Also, four new surface primed PE/PP products have been added to the PSA film range dedicated to UV inkjet printing, approved by Durst, Stork, EFI Jetrion and Domino.  Products for water-based inkjet Memjet technology complements the Intercoat digital labelstock PSA film range. The company also previews an enhanced ‘no label’ look PSA product line – top coated transparent PP on transparent PET liner – on a 4,000m roll. 

Jindal Films

Digilyte is a new range of products qualified by HP for its labels and flexible packaging presses. The range includes 50MD580 metalized film top coated with Digylite coating, a clear 57LLD110 and two white 60LHD147 cavitated digital and  58SWD147 solid digital. With the rise in demand for hot melt technology applications, Jindal Films is launching a new coating barrier to hot melt additive and mineral oils migration: 60LH344 is a white cavitated top coated film which prevents the typical curling, swelling, or yellowing of the label. Platinum: 75PT600 is a new white opaque film combining TTR and direct thermal printing performance. The top coating offers high reliability for barcode scanning with marking that is resistant to humidity, light exposure and durable for outdoor applications, says Jindal.

Jujo Thermal

Introduces thermal film grades (AS55KT-LF, AS60KT-LF and AS80KT-LF) with clear direct thermal printability, combined with resistance against a wide range of liquids. AL60KT-LH top coated label is for demanding thermal label applications such as retail, food, transport and logistics. It is suitable even for deep freeze usage. Also shown are non-phenol thermal grades and brand protection grades from fluorescent fibers to colored effects and fluorescent patterns in the material.


Shows SA234, a new water-soluble acrylic adhesive that leaves no residue on the labeled product and that is suitable for all types of reusable transport boxes and trays, glass, ceramic and plastic. Another major development is the 23 micron and 30 micron PET release liner for high speed automatic labeling in the beverage, food and cosmetics sectors. The new Metalvac E LWS paper is a light wet-strength grade for glue-applied labels of non- returnable glass – such as single-use beer and water bottles – and plastic containers like PET water and beverage bottles. ‘Endless possibilities’ is the title of the new Creaset one-side coated paper swatchbook for labels and flexible packaging.


Launches a new holographic OPP film for in-mold labeling which can be supplied in rolls or sheets. The new film is also available with a customized holographic image reproducing the customer’s logo or brand.

Lintec Group

Launches label material made from post-consumer PET bottles using mechanical recycling methods. The environmentally friendly label material uses PET bottles as the raw material, and consists of 80 percent or more of renewable PET resin usage as facestock.

Manter (Arconvert)

Launches the new Tintoretto Greaseproof, designed for extra virgin olive oil labels. The self-adhesive paper provides the product with ‘exceptional aesthetic qualities’ and eliminates oil stains. Producers can now discontinue the use of certain materials that until now have been used in bulk, such as greaseproof coated paper or polypropylene labels.

Max Speciality Films

Launches in Europe three ranges including IML films – claimed to exhibit consistent flatness, high gloss, mechanical stability and resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical exposure. They will print with offset, gravure, flexo and digital processes, and are also available with ‘Orange Peel’ effect. The company will also show a range of pressure-sensitive films that includes white cavitated, clear or metalized, suitable for a range of applications including on contoured and squeezable containers.

MDV Group

Introduces new luxury paper and filmic labeling face stocks, including soft-touch, high gloss and matt finishes. Surface effects (3D) are achieved with minimal embossing, enabling self-adhesive converters to maximize adhesion on smooth surfaces, says MDV. These films are produced at Reisewitz, a new acquisition, which specializes in resistant substrates for architectural films using both solvent and UV technologies. The company also demonstrates results of investment in blown co-extrusion line at Tech Folien Liverpool aimed at reducing the density of HDPE films used in labeling and tags. Products comparable to cast and blown films, but with higher tensile and tear resistance, will enable converters to order lighter films and still retain the required strength but enjoy enhanced die-cutting performance and die life, says MDV.


Introduces DigiPrime 680, a primer formulated specifically for use in the in-line priming (ILP) unit of the HP Indigo WS6X00 series of digital presses. This latest addition to Michelman’s line of HP-recommended primers is water-based and particularly effective for flexible packaging printing applications. It improves ink receptivity on most types of film, exhibits good lamination bond strength, and improves printing performance on shrink sleeves. Customers with existing HP Indigo WS6X00 series digital presses with ILP units will require an upgrade kit from HP to run DigiPrime 680. HP Indigo will shortly implement a system that will allow newly purchased HP Indigo WS6800 presses with ILP units to run DigiPrime 680 without modification. Michelman will also feature two HP-recommended DigiPrime primers formulated for the HP Indigo 20000 and 30000 digital presses. DigiPrime 050 is for the HP Indigo 20000, a press designed to print on reel-based flexible packaging substrates, labels and shrink sleeves. It is designed to enhance adhesive bond strength between film layers, and can be used in conventional adhesive laminated structures. DigiPrime 060 is for the HP Indigo 30000 sheet-fed press designed to print on folding cartons. Michelman’s DigiPrime 060 enhances ink adhesion on the substrate, and will not interfere with converting operations including erection of the carton, gluing, date coding and barcoding.


New is Acti-V XB, Munksjö’s latest addition to its supercalandered release papers range. Enhanced surface treatment provides an extra barrier that improves silicone hold-out, with the result of a brighter stain test of siliconized liner at equal amounts of silicone. Alternatively, the same stain test results can be achieved with a lower silicone coat-weight. The offering of Silco clay coated release papers will be broadened with Silco 2S Ultrastable, a new product designed for double side silicone coating. Adercote is a new range of specialty papers dedicated to high-end PSA applications such as vegetal oil, wine and spirits and pharmaceutical labels. It ranges from calendered to one-side coated papers, with properties including grease resistance, high opacity and consistent printing results. Munksjö will demonstrate creative design effects being explored through special off-line surface coating, and will show results of its collaboration with RecuLiner to promote the recycling of silicone coated label release papers into cellulose fiber insulation (CFI).

Nastrificio di Cassano

Launches in cooperation with GraphiMecc a range of fabric clothing labels optimized for high speed inkjet printing.


Introduces a family of black and white polyimide and aluminum-based laser markable label materials (LML) that have been evaluated per the Boeing 13-47J, GMW14573 and UL/IEC60601-1/61010-1 UDI label standards. The test results prove the Polyonics LML materials are effective alternates to thermal transfer printed and acrylic LML materials for identifying and tracking aerospace, automotive, medical device and electrical components in the harshest of environments. Polyonics also adds two polyimide hang tags to its portfolio: the XF-610 (white) and XF-612 (yellow) are 5mil thermal transfer printable hang tags designed for track and trace identification of hot metals in the metals processing industry


Launches new wax-resin thermal transfer ribbon with high heat and scratch resistance. In partnership with Maan Group on its Linerless trail, Ricoh highlights its role as a thermal top coated paper manufacturer.


For the premium beverage market, Ritrama introduces a new range of barrier papers resistant to extreme wet conditions, recommended for bottles which are to remain immersed in wet and cold conditions such as white wine and champagne bottles. This forms part of the company’s latest wine and spirits labeling portfolio, being launched at the show, which includes special films with different textures specifically developed for this segment. A complete pharma range with the new blood bag is shown.


Debuts at Labelexpo the Algro Sol line of silicone base papers and a wet-glue label paper portfolio, including Parade Prima A, G and HP, a one-side-coated paper demonstrating high brightness and gloss.


Launches a tamper-evident security material incorporating an invisible hologram in a clear, printable face-stock material. When tampered, a bright transparent hologram appears as evidence of manipulation. A built-in dry-peel effect with adjustable release force prevents counterfeiters from replacing the removed film and provides additional security. Color and hidden message can be customized.


Launches Sei-Tag double, triple or multilayer composites consisting of a film as a core between two layers of paper. This combines the advantages of papers and films with regard to tear resistance, printability, processing and further more.

Taghleef Industries

Introduces ultra-high yield white voided films for WAL Reel fed labels and IML labels with customized post-molding finishes. Also launches high gloss metallic grades.


Launches an anti-counterfeit technology developed jointly with Flint Group. The technology involves three printing layers: silver over-printable cold foil (CF4.6H1), CMYK printing (Flint Flexocure Force) and transparent holographic cold foil (CF2.2 transparent HU1T). The labels are then laminated with OPP film for an anti-scratch function and glossy appearance.

UPM Raflatac

Launches adhesive technology for durables labeling and ultra-thin films for food, beverage and personal care labeling,

W. Hinderer

Together with Pindo Deli Paper Mill, W. Hinderer shows a wide range of cast coated label papers for wet-glue applications including new surface treatments such as Pearl and Metallic in 80, 85 and 90gsm.

Wacker Chemie

Adds a new range of high-performance polymers to its Dehesive release coating portfolio.

Zuber Rieder

Launches new collection ‘Grains de Papier 2015’ showcasing 60 grades off the shelf. New products include: Master Process 48 hour label protection in the ice bucket; AVS acrylic varnish surface treatment compatible for uncoated paper; new feltmarked, Embossed and Pearlescent papers; recycled paper coloring using natural pigments.


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