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  • 13 Jan 2021

Mactac develops textured bottle label

Mount Diablo distillery spirits featuring the 'tender's grip' label

Developed for Mount Diablo Distillery in Antioch, California, Mactac's new textured spirits labels features ‘the tender’s grip’ to reduce slipping when handling the bottle.

In 2018, Dustin Sterlino, along with his business partners, opened Mount Diablo Distillery. From his previous experience in the spirits industry, he knew the brand and products would need to set him apart from the competition and deliver customers something truly unique and exciting. He developed a brand built on humor and high quality, marketing the benefits of being a small business with a local following. Additionally, he came up with a highly creative way to label the spirits products. Working with a few local printers, Sterlino created what he called the ‘Bartender’s or Tender’s Grip.’ 
‘The Tender’s Grip’ is a unique bottle label that features a textured grip surface. It is designed to enhance a bartender’s grip on a spirit bottle and reduce the number of bottles that unintentionally slip from the bartenders’ hands. It is made with Mactac’s StreetTRAX non-skid, grit-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) film, which allows images and designs to be printed directly on the film’s grit-coated surface. Sterlino designs and prints the labels with an HP Latex 315 wide-format printer, has them die-cut and then uses a combination of hand apply and machine techniques to wrap the finished labels to the bottles. 
‘At first, I worked with my print partners using another product, but the product wouldn’t cut well and was causing the blades to break,’ said Sterlino. ‘One of the very helpful printers introduced me to StreetTRAX and it worked perfectly. The ‘Tender’s Grip was a huge success within the bartender world and with business/bar owners. I’ve received many calls from bar owners saying that the grip label works great, and they are saving money with Mount Diablo Spirits because other bottles slip through bartenders’ hands.’
StreetTRAX (STX1528P) is a 13.5-mil non-skid, clear grit-coated, outdoor-stabilized white film that is coated on one side with 2.0-mils of an PSA that bonds to flat or slightly rough surfaces. Images can be directly printed on the grit-coated surface using solvent, eco-solvent, UV, UV-gel, and latex inkjet print methods. It is supplied with a 90# poly-coated release liner for stability through the printing process. While designed for the production of outdoor sidewalk and parking lot floor graphics, StreetTRAX can also be used for various specialty applications.



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