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  • 01 Aug 2022

Nobelus acquires AccuFilm

Nobelus has acquired AccuFilm, based out of Hebron, Ohio. AccuFilm is a custom contract slitting facility slitting capabilities for a range of materials in addition to other services.

Nobelus has acquired Ohio-based AccuFilm, a custom contract slitting facility for a range of materials in addition to other services.

After 30 years in contract slitting, AccuFilm's founder and president, Bradley Smith, made plans to retire, according to the company.

'As a vendor to Nobelus, we realized that their need for increased capacity aligned with the assets AccuFilm possessed and that this would be a good use of those assets and help facilitate my future plans,' says Smith. 'I feel very comfortable with how the deal came together and appreciate Nobelus' willingness to keep their word and be an excellent partner throughout the process.'

As of today, the acquisition has been finalized, and the equipment purchased will hereafter be used exclusively by Nobelus for in-house slitting of the company’s thermal laminates and unsupported films. Existing AccuFilm customers who do not currently purchase laminates through Nobelus will be referred to an associated slitting service. All slitters and supporting equipment will be relocated to Nobelus' facilities in Tennessee and Illinois to increase production volumes, says the company.

According to the company, Nobelus will be adding five large slitting lines to its production workflow, three of which are Ashe slitters. An 80 in Dusenbery and 52in Cameron slitter will also be integrated into Nobelus' production lineup. Hoists, forklifts, roll offset units, and a variety of other support equipment included in the purchase will supplement slitting operations and enable Nobelus to fulfill more orders, says the company.. 

With the company's recent addition of a comprehensive unsupported film portfolio, demand is said reaching an all-time high with an influx of new customers, says the company.

Nobelus' leadership team anticipates that output will at minimum double due to increased slitting capacity. Customers should see orders shipped more quickly with shorter lead times, an outcome that reflects the company's dedication to consistently improving the customer experience. 

'Given our strong growth and continued expansion plans, the AccuFilm acquisition makes perfect sense for our next steps in the specialty laminate and film market,' says Steve Truan, CEO of Nobelus. 'We are building on a strong foundation of production know-how and the best equipment in the business, which Brad Smith and his team at AccuFilm have applied in the marketplace for many years.'


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