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  • 19 Jul 2018

Parkside receives compostable accreditation in Australia

The ABA logo

Packaging manufacturer Parkside has become the first UK company to secure industry-recognized accreditation in Australia for its compostable products.

To be certified compostable by the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA), suitable biopolymer materials must undergo a stringent test regime, carried out by independent accredited laboratories to major global standards. Following successful tests, a seedling-inspired logo can now be used on Parkside’s bio-based packaging sold in Australia to help consumers and councils recognize compostable packaging material and dispose of it accordingly.

Paula Birch, director of sales at Parkside, said: ‘More and more countries are phasing out or banning single use plastics altogether, so having certification schemes that confirm a material’s composability is paramount. ABA accreditation is an important step forward for Parkside as we extend our customer base in Australia and demonstrates the importance we place on the environment in developing our packaging solutions.

‘The ABA accreditation gives our unique compostable packaging industry recognition which is notoriously difficult to achieve. Our success in this area means that environmentally aware brand owners, retailers and consumers have a choice of barrier packs that can be disposed of in a composting environment.’

Since April 2017, Parkside has collaborated with Australian-based PA Packaging Solutions to deliver Park-2-Nature, a range of home and industrial compostable products, to Australia. In addition to ABA, Parkside’s compostable packaging has attained Vincotte’s OK Compost Home and Seeding accreditation, a recognized certification scheme in Europe.


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