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  • 09 Apr 2020

Prati insures its employees for Covid-19

Prati insures its employees for Covid-19

Italian label finishing specialist Prati has insured all its employees against coronavirus which guarantees assistance for recovery, post-recovery as well as round the clock medical assistance.

The company has taken out a Covid-19 ‘Realmente Uniti’ insurance policy with Reale Mutua to protect over 50 of its employees. The policy guarantees assistance for recovery and post-recovery as well as 24/7 medical assistance for all employees tested positive for the virus. 

‘By undersigning this policy for all employees, Prati intends to reaffirm its commitment to protecting the health of its personnel,’ said Annalisa Prati, CEO and CFO of the company. 

‘In addition to insurance protection, we have activated smart working and applied social distancing measures to guarantee the safety of our employees and the entire network of co-workers,’ added Enrico Gardegni, QHSE manager at Prati. 

The company’s HR director, Francesco Biasini said: ‘This is an unprecedented emergency, but despite the difficulties, we have worked to prepare the way to face this complex and difficult situation, to ensure employment and income stability for all our staff.’

‘To ensure the company is able to carry on operating in a safe and responsible way in the near future, we have launched a national and international quest for PPE,’ commented Chiara Prati, CEO and CSO at Prato. ‘Thanks to Nakyeon Cho, Prati’s distributor for Korea, we have located enough masks for the whole company. This great gesture of generosity allows the Prati Group to keep up production and supply over 10,000 customers worldwide.’ 

‘Prati has kept national and international customers up to date with dedicated digital communications and continues to deliver all services such as shipment of spare parts and technical assistance,’ said Debora Antimi, assistant CSO and marketing. ‘We will carry on doing so providing updates on current industrial innovations.’

‘We want to thank all our employees for the spirit of cooperation in adjusting the way they work for safety reasons,’ concluded Davide Messina, COO of Prati. ‘We make labels and our work is vital for the pharmaceutical industry and for the primary food sector. We hope that everything will come to an end as soon as possible.’


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