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  • 07 Nov 2018

Stora Enso introduces sustainable RFID tag technology

Eco enables paper-based RFID tags, providing a plastic-free and recyclable option

Stora Enso has launched, sustainable RFID tag technology designed for intelligent packaging functionalities in supply chain, retail and e-commerce applications.

Eco by Stora Enso is said to enable paper-based RFID tags, providing a plastic-free and recyclable option for packaging authentication. Eco RFID tags can be produced on a 100 percent fibre-based paper label, unlike traditional plastic tags, resulting in a lower carbon footprint for sustainability conscious B2B and B2C companies, said the company.

Eco is a product of Stora Enso’s Intelligent Packaging division, which develops and delivers RFID technology to allow the packaged product to be automatically tracked, traced and tamper-proofed throughout the entire supply chain.

Martin Ros, head of Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging, said: ‘The launch of Eco creates a truly sustainable option for our customers and consumers, accelerating the use of smart technology in Stora Enso’s renewable solutions.

‘Our ECO technology is unique in the sense that it offers a recyclable and plastic layer free option for RFID end users, thus enabling a digital and sustainable packaging infrastructure.’

Stora Enso added that by integrating the RFID tag with a paper label, the manufacturing process becomes more scalable and, as result, also more cost-effective – all without compromising on performance and reliability.

Eco tags can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way together with paper and board materials. Moreover, it is said to offer high conductivity at a lower cost compared with graphene or silver printed antennas. The Eco technology is available for use in multiple ongoing projects across multiple sectors.


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