Siegwerk publishes human rights policy

Siegwerk’'s human rights policy highlights commitment to ethical business practices and sustainability.

Siegwerk has released its human rights guiding principles and corresponding human rights policy. This strengthened approach towards human rights is a testament to the company’s enduring commitment to ethical business practices and sustainability. 

Siegwerk’s approach to human rights is rooted in respect and dignity for all individuals, including employees, customers, and suppliers. The company is committed to providing safe working conditions, fair compensation, and opportunities for professional growth, fostering a culture of loyalty and shared values. 

Siegwerk’s global operations adhere to sustainable and responsible practices, in line with its ‘HorizonNOW’ holistic sustainability strategy, which holds human rights as essential to sustainable development. 

The human rights guiding principles are pivotal to Siegwerk’s policy, advocating for, among other:  

Foundational commitment to offer products that are free from human and labor rights abuses. Taking note of existing human rights issues in the supply chain and that adherence to legal standards is just the beginning of the journey. Actively seeking knowledge and addressing human rights issues. Partnering to prevent, investigate, and resolve human rights concerns. Prioritizing the well-being of affected individuals and groups. Encouraging stakeholders to voice concerns and observations, to focus on future enhancements. 

Alongside the human rights guiding principles sits a strengthened governance structure for human rights. This includes the appointment of Alina Marm, head of global sustainability and circular economy at Siegwerk, as the human rights officer. Additionally, a supplier sustainability hub has been established which works together with human resources, HSE and purchasing, ensuring due diligence in risk management and implementation of policies, processes and improvement measures.