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  • 10 Oct 2017

First Highcon Beam installed in the US

Boutwell, Owens & Co has completed the installation of the first Highcon Beam digital cutting and creasing machine in the US.

Installed at its site in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, the machine has been positioned in the company’s digital packaging production suite alongside an existing Highcon Euclid II. Boutwell, Owens & Co operates an HP Indigo 30000 digital press. Once integrated into the mainstream folding carton production environment, Highcon said Beam will bring, ‘the responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency that have been missing in the conventional market’, and will allow Boutwell, Owens & Co to successfully meet the demanding requirements of clients and brands.

Ron Kukla, Highcon sales director for the Americas, said: ‘Boutwell, Owens & Co has proven to the market just what Highcon digital technology is capable of and made a name for itself especially in the ability to deliver high-quality short-run packaging with rapid turnaround. The addition of the Highcon Beam to complement their conventional manufacturing capability will allow them to apply the same benefits to high volume production.’

The addition of the Highcon Beam reaffirms Boutwell, Owens & Co's’ vision of leading the folding carton industry’s digital transformation, as Bill Lorenz, its vice president of operations, explained: ‘The Highcon Beam will take our existing capabilities to new heights. With the Highcon Euclid, our customers are already reaping the benefits of production flexibility in terms of supply chain support and the ability to order just what is needed, when it’s needed, not to mention the highly creative designs that were impossible before. 

‘With the Highcon Beam we will be able to extend those advantages to longer run lengths, and bring these capabilities to market segments and customers that were beyond the Euclid’s reach.’


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