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  • 03 Jun 2016

Insignis invests in Nilpeter MO-4

Insignis invests in Nilpeter MO-4

Vienna based label converter Insignis has increased its offset capacity with a Nilpeter MO-4 press, added to an existing MO-3.

The press is configured with six offset printing units – four for process colors and two spot and special colors. Another two flexographic printing units before and another two after the middle offset section allow for various finishing options, such as opaque white or metallic colors as well as varnishes and cold foil stamping. Insignis wanted to be able to switch between flexographic and screen printing in the first two printing stations as required if, for example, it needed to print special colors or effects.

Installation of a second offset press was an absolute market requirement,’ said Ferdinand Hager, managing partner of Insignis Etiketten Erzeugung und Vertrieb.

‘For one thing, we could see that the existing MO-3 with its six printing units was reaching its limits on an increasing number of orders because of the growing demand for additional finishing effects. A second issue, about delivery reliability was also being raised by customers, especially for long runs.’

Two-shift utilization of the MO-4 was achieved after only a few months, even though the wider web width 420mm compared to 330mm with the existing MO-3 had more than doubled the available production volume.
Fitting a UR Precision series winding system from Kocher+Beck produced a further increase in productivity. In addition to the 440 U automatic transfer unwinder and the 440 R automatic transfer rewinder, the Nilpeter web press is equipped with a 440 M automatic matrix transfer rewinder from the UR Precision range. Insignis was the first company in Austria to use this Matrix rewinder.

This level of automation is consistent with the company’s pursuit of an industrial workflow, and the system was also retrofitted to the MO-3.

Insignis has invested a total of 4.5 million EUR (5.1 million USD) over two years in new buildings and printing technology. The new hall is fully air-conditioned with heat recovery units and provides space for a further printing line with all the necessary connections in place. The MO-4 only prints with low-migration inks. For Insignis, this is essential as their customer base includes a lot of companies from the food industry, many of which are located in the immediate vicinity of the printshop. At present, more than half of its turnover can be attributed to the food industry. For these customers, in addition to low-migration production, high print quality and short delivery times are especially important.


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