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  • 15 Jul 2016

Reel Label Solutions furthers relationship with Bar Graphic Machinery after latest finishing equipment investment

Reel Label Solutions has operated machines from BGM for over 10 years

Wales-based Reel Label Solutions has installed a die-cut to register slitter rewinder from Bar Graphic Machinery (BGM) as it seeks to enhance the quality, accuracy, reliability, support and price of its production.

Reel Label Solutions’ new die-cut to register slitter rewinder was custom-designed by BGM’s engineers as a compact digital label converting and finishing system, and tailored precisely to the company’s need for yet more efficient, cost-effective production.  

With a simple and short web path, operator make-ready time is under 15 minutes. A touchscreen with simple, intuitive navigation provides a host of functions including a registration self-teach mode which ensures waste is reduced to an average of just five metres, enhancing environmentally conscious production while minimizing substrate and consumable costs. Set-up time is further enhanced via a robust, fast and easy loading die station. Die weight is supported by the bottom guide rail, making loading easy for the operator and virtually eliminating the risk of damage from incorrect loading. A 100 percent automatic web inspection control system continuously scans the web for any defects. If a defect is detected, the machine automatically slows down and stops in a designated area, enabling the operator to determine whether or not the defect is within acceptable tolerances. If not, then the machine’s waste rewind module enables the operator to rewind the defective labels while still inspecting the web.

Reel Label Solutions has a strong presence in UK label printing industry, producing millions of high-spec labels for the pharmaceutical, beverage, cosmetics, and food and technology sectors, among others, and Jonathan Wright, Reel Label Solutions sales director, commented: ‘Performance is critical in sectors such as food and pharma – labels need to stay in place without fading or peeling, they need to remain hygienic and clearly legible beyond the use by date. In the case of food and beverage in particular, they also need to be attractive to the consumer despite the sheer volume of information they are required by law to carry.

‘This means our label finishing has to be as accurate as technology can make it and, because of the lightning fast turnaround and sometimes short runs demanded by sectors such as food for example, machinery also has to be fast to set-up and super reliable.

‘We’ve operated machines from BGM for over 10 years, including a plain label die-cutting inspection slitter rewinder and a 16in inspection slitter rewinder, and over all that time we’ve had very little down time and minimum maintenance.’

Chris Duffin, Reel Label Solutions managing director added: ‘There were other options available from other manufacturers at similar prices, and at least one that was considerably cheaper, but none that offered the equivalent degree of quality, capability and accuracy allied to a level of proven reliability we know from experience we can rely on.’

BGM sales manager Daniel Carr concluded: ‘Our engineers designed and built a highly cost-effective machine that will take Reel Label Solutions’ production to new levels of output and efficiency and help keep them there for many years to come.’


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