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  • 09 Mar 2005

Mark Andy demonstrates RFID strap and inlay insertion equipment

Mark Andy, the narrow web printing equipment manufacturer, will demonstrate to label and printer manufacturers its recently developed RFID strap and inlay insertion equipment incorporating RFID straps and inlays from Texas Instruments at its “RFID Focus” Educator Series, “In-Line RFID Solutions for Today’s Converters” on April 27, 2005.  Mark Andy’s printing and converting technology, which uses an RFID inlay and strap insertion module developed by Tamarack Products, is a leading commercial product line available for companies seeking to integrate RFID technology into traditional narrow web label manufacturing lines. In addition to the RFID insertion demonstration, the event will cover a variety of key topics about RFID and Electronic Product Code (EPC) label production.
Later this year, TI will begin ramping to volume production on its EPC Generation 2 straps and inlays.  EPC Gen 2 is a standards-based UHF technology platform that allows for global interoperability, read/write capabilities and migration to future EPC classes.  Retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, Tesco, Albertsons and others have all made clear their plans to migrate to Gen 2 RFID technology.   The TI-based RFID strap and inlay components will enable converters to produce finished EPC Gen 2 RFID labels for their customers, from reels of straps, that allow label converters to directly attach straps onto printed antennas, or reels of inlays, in which the inlay (chip and antenna) is inserted into a label.
“From consumer packaging to warehousing to tracking authentic pharmaceuticals, RFID has a promising future, and Mark Andy is taking the necessary steps to be a leading solution provider for the label converting and printing market,” said Ken Daming, Director of Product Management for Mark Andy.  “Working with RFID technology leaders like Texas Instruments is one of the building blocks Mark Andy has been focusing on as the label industry continues to evolve.”
“Major retailers and their CPG suppliers will be seeking EPC Gen 2 tag solutions in the billions in the coming years, and TI is well positioned to deliver the high volumes and high-yields that label and printer manufacturers demand, “said Tony Sabetti, UHF/Retail Supply Chain director for Texas Instruments RFid Systems.  “In cooperation with equipment market leaders such as Mark Andy, and label converting customers, we will provide solutions that these companies need to meet the growing demand for EPC Gen 2 tags.”