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  • 27 Sep 2013

New anti-counterfeiting tool launched

Six True debuts new authentication tool

Italian firm SixTrue has launched a new anti-counterfeiting system that creates a printed fingerprint to allow end users to authenticate products.

The SixTrue system uses ink droplets that are randomly combined with special materials, creating a unique pattern that is then captured as an identifier. It is manufactured using a flexo press from fellow Italian firm De Rossi Vittoriano.

Labels that have been printed in this way are then coded and linked to a specific product set or campaign, creating an anti-counterfeiting tool that is impossible to mimic, according to SixTrue's Guido Dameri.

A mobile application is used to authenticate the fingerprint, and which allows brand owners to provide further marketing and incentives to those authenticating their products.

‘The system creates a unique fingerprint that cannot be replicated, not even by us,’ said Dameri.

‘Counterfeiting is a big issue, but this system creates a way for brands to securely and effectively protect their assets, and to trace and identify where the source of any problem is.’