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  • 09 Nov 2005

New Chamber Wrap doctor blades

Chamber Wrap has produced new doctor blades that they claim will save flexo press makeready time and cleaning hassles.

The company said in statement: ‘Chamber Wrap blades come with plastic film attached to the doctor blade. When installed in a doctor blade holder, the plastic wraps around the holder and is self-fastening to the chamber body. Ink that normally builds up on the doctor blade chamber instead builds up on the film wrap. When the doctor blade is removed from the chamber, all the mess is removed with it. This is especially effective for capturing the excess ink generated from back doctoring. All the chamber hardware (pins, bars, bolts, clamping assembly) stays clean, saving hours of clean up work.’

Chamber Wrap is being applied to steel, mylar and long-life doctor blade material such as the BTG DuroBlade. Blades are running on a wide variety of presses with both OEM and retrofit doctor blade holders. Chamber Wrap blades are also available with the foam seal that The Provident Group is known for. 

‘With ever increasing pressures to reduce changeover time, printers are looking for every advantage they can find,’ said David Allen, director of sales and marketing for The Provident Group. ‘In addition, doctor blade holders will not work properly unless they are clean and properly maintained. Chamber Wrap insures holders stay clean for the longest possible time. Clean holders mean more trouble-free production.’