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  • 28 Jun 2017

Omet XFlex X4 presented to Australasian printers

Pictured (from left): Mark Daws, Currie Group labels and packaging division general manager; Omet area sales manager Claudio Piredda; and Currie Group technical manager Jon Murray, pictured at PacPrint 2017

As part of Melbourne headquartered Currie Group's recent Australian PacPrint equipment showcase, a group of Australasian printers was shown an Omet XFlex X4 440, sitting alongside an XFlex 370, at a leading label and packaging converter's premises.

The open house was used to demonstrate production of two designs – a pressure-sensitive label with cold foil and a shrink sleeve design – to highlight fast changeover, minimum set-up waste and high-quality print capabilities, irrespective of substrate. From an empty platform, press components were loaded, automatic pre-register initialized and the Vision 1 automatic registration system initiated.

The focus then moved to the register control monitor with the visitors expressing positive reactions to the speed and accuracy of all eight colors automatically brought into register, with minimal waste. During this time, the Vision 1 system was turned off to demonstrate how the XFlex X4 440 holds registration without intervention of the automatic register system through normal running speed, as well as press acceleration and deceleration.

The press was then changed over to the shrink sleeve job which was completed in around 10 minutes. Omet area sales manager, Claudio Piredda, explained that the XFlex X4 is equipped with chilled impression cylinders, and said: ‘This provides constant web temperature control, eliminating material deformation and providing perfect register when running unsupported films.’

Piredda added that holding the demo at a converter's premises enabled the visitors to discuss press issues directly with the converter's staff.


Henry Mendelson is Labels & Labeling's Oceania correspondent.

He covers labels and packaging printing developments in the Australasia region for the publication.

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