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  • 22 Feb 2006

T-Mobile adopts tesa security concept

As the volume of goods shipped worldwide has grown exponentially, so has the threat of forgery, theft and damage of consignments in transit. Any security gaps in the logistics chain pose risks that can lead to lost revenue and increased costs.

Mobile communication company T-Mobile is using the latest technology tamper evident seal labels and tapes from tesa UK to seal and protect consignments of its mobile communication products. Featuring very high print quality corporate colors and the T-Mobile logo, the custom designed labels reveal an instantly recognizable ‘void’ message if damaged or removed. Similarly, a carton sealing tape shows any unauthorized breach of packaging by displaying an obvious ‘opened’ message.

To ensure optimum security, from place of manufacture to customer, T-Mobile distributes the tamper evident seal labels and tapes to mobile telephony equipment manufacturers across the world where they are applied at source.

Following a security audit undertaken by specialists from tesa UK, proposals based on the company’s packaging protection concept were presented to T-Mobile. Subsequently three tesa products were specified: 64010, 64007 and 6020. The security seal labels are constructed from tesa 64010, a PP (polypropylene) backing and PET (polyethylene terephthalate – thermoplastic polyester) liner material that incorporates a hot melt adhesive system and has a total product thickness of 120m. The carton sealing tape is tesa 64007, a 58m thick product based on a BOPP (bi-orientated polypropylene) coupled with an aggressive water-based adhesive to provide reliable box closure. Lastly, tesa 6020 is a desk top label dispenser designed to provide quick and easy dispensing.

As a direct result of implementing these measures T-Mobile expects to reduce revenue loss, customer complaints, replacement shipments, process and handling costs as well as insurance costs; hence safeguarding its profits.

As well as company logos and security messages, the seal labels can be imprinted with other customer specific information. Packaging can, for example, advertise that the source and packaging are authentic in addition to providing security.

Recommendations on security awareness and examples of customized documents that alert everyone involved in the consignment checking process are a key part of tesa’s security audit report. Comprehensive product data on tamper evident products and illustrations of simple and effective solutions are also included on a tailored training CD that is provided as part of the security concept.

The security concept has also been adapted to meet specific applications in other areas. For example, the tamper evident tape can be used for mechanical application on larger outer cases while the seal label, which is easily applied automatically or by hand, is particularly suited to use on small to minute packages as well as those with differing closing mechanisms.

Outside of the mobile communications sector manufacturers of electronic, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products as well as automotive parts, high value branded goods, tobacco and secure document delivery sectors have expressed keen interest in these tamper evident products.