Peacock Bros. agrees to acquire Insignia in May

This acquisition, expected to be completed on May 31, merges two of Australia’s highly regarded family-run businesses within the supply chain solutions industry.

Peacock Bros., a leading Australian print packaging and supply chain technology provider, has signed an agreement to acquire Insignia, a 55-year-old family-owned company specializing in labeling, coding and data capture technologies.

The deal is expected to be completed on May 31.

This acquisition of Insignia by Peacock, a family-owned group established in 1888, merges two of Australia’s highly regarded family-run businesses within the supply chain solutions industry.

'Insignia has long been a respected competitor within our industry,' said Ryan McGrath, managing director, Peacock. 'Their professional team and expertise, combined with state-of-the-art print manufacturing facilities, allows us to significantly expand our product and service offerings within the region, while also providing exciting opportunities for our staff, customers, and partners.'

For more than half a century, Insignia has built a reputation as an expert in product identification and traceability, working with world-leading brands in thermal printing, data capture, and marking & coding solutions, including Domino, Zebra, Honeywell, GS1 and more.

Insignia is also a leading national label manufacturer, producing custom prime product labels, overprint labels, and blank labels and tags from its production facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Operating nationwide with over 115 staff members, Insignia serves over 3,500 customers, including multinational businesses across a broad range of industries, including retail, T&L, manufacturing, automotive and food & beverage.  

Insignia will operate alongside the other key Peacock Group businesses, Peacock Bros. and AMR Hewitts Print Packaging, expanding Group resourcing to over 300 staff with broader geographical depth across Australia and New Zealand. 

'Insignia is a proud family-run business with extensive experience solving complex operational challenges for leading brands in Australia,' said Jack Winson, managing director, Insignia. 'We are pleased to join the Peacock Group, another long-established family-owned business, who share common values and are respected for the quality of their work. Our staff and customers can be reassured that the long history of our company and brand will continue well into the future with the support and backing of the Peacock Group.'

He continued: 'The ability to identify and track goods from manufacturing through the supply chain and into retail settings is essential today. Insignia leads the way in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of critical business operations for Australian companies, improving supply chains with advanced technologies. Peacock Group looks forward to supporting insignia’s highly regarded team and growing its business into the future.'