Maxcess to show full range of technology at Labelexpo

Web handling products and services specialist Maxcess will showcase the latest product offerings from its Fife, Tidland, Magpowr, Webex and Componex brands at Labelexpo Europe 2019.
Fife D-MAX enhanced web guiding system

‘We are excited to showcase to our customers at Labelexpo our comprehensive product range covering all their web handling requirements, with winding, guiding, slitting, tension control and roller solutions to match their needs,’ said Francesco Cristante, general manager of Maxcess Europe. 

The company showcases Fife, the new line of digital sensors that incorporate LED readouts for web position, LED light sources and data from the sensor itself in a digital output format, next-generation inspection system featuring LED strobe lighting for longer life, a graphical user interface and programmable positioning.

Tidland’s Control Series Electronic Knifeholder will also be on show featuring 360-degree blade guard minimizing operator interference and maximizing the safety of your slitting operation.

Maxcess will demonstrate Magpowr’s tension amplifier with networking capabilities, offering the ability to transmit calibrated tension values over communications such as EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT CSR and ISR tension sensing idler rolls, and thin load cells. 

WINertia Dead Shaft Idlers developed by Componex will be available at Maxcess’ booth, showing its ability to maintain constant traction on high-speed webs and include built-in ‘air vents’ that remove trapped air ‘7.5 times faster than any other idler roller on the market’, according to the company.