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  • 24 Mar 2021

adphos launches zero-carbon coil coating technology

adphos has launched aNIR, a technology developed for standard coatings enabling CO2-free drying and curing

German thermal processing specialist adphos has launched aNIR, a technology developed for standard coatings, such as chemcoatings, organic primers, and finish coatings, enabling CO2-free drying and curing due to its intrinsic electro-thermal working principle.

The majority of current coil coating lines emit a large amount of CO2 with up to 20,000 tones annually per line. These emissions result from the installed gas-fired ovens used for drying and curing chemcoatings, primers, and finish coatings. 

The new aNIR technology developed by adphos enables instantaneous drying and curing within two to four seconds, adjustable power depending on coating type and the coating layer, and adjustable air ventilation flow rate depending on solvent content. It doesn’t require heat up or standby operation.

‘Beside the CO2-free operation, aNIR-technology results in the lowest today´s drying and curing required energy consumption for a coil coating line,’ said the company in a statement. ‘In addition, the huge space savings for aNIR-driers compared to conventional hot air driers also ensure significantly lower investment costs for equipment, building, and infrastructure. The aNIR-drying technology can also be offered for upgrades and replacements of existing conventional driers.’


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