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  • 21 Jul 2022

Antares adds All-in-One inspection machines

Antares Vision Group has introduced a new series of inspection machines incorporating multiple controls to maximize production while offering quality assurance

Antares Vision Group (AVG), a digitalization and integrated data management specialist, has introduced a new series of inspection machines incorporating multiple controls to maximize production while offering quality assurance.

Combinable features of the All-in-One series include regulatory compliance, container integrity, micro-leak (micro-hole) and contaminants detection, weight control, and labeling/print verification for parameters such as expiration date and lot code. In combining these attributes into single machines, AVG aims to create a new paradigm for innovation in quality inspection for food and beverage brands.

The new portfolio has been developed by AVG’s subsidiary FT System and Pen-Tec, which specializes in inspection controls. Combined, the two players offer a unique multi-technology portfolio, from the laser and hyperspectral spectroscopy to vision and weight control and X-ray inspection, that guarantees quality control and satisfies the needs of all supply chain stakeholders.

The first All-in-One models combine inspections required by regulations with innovative applications that enable food and beverage companies to check for the presence of micro-holes in packaging, the presence of foreign bodies, the weight of the product, the seal, and to check all labels and codes.

All-in-One series also offer reduced machine dimensions, a single user interface overseeing all inspection parameters, differentiated waste and automatic recipe settings, and reduced energy consumption. In addition, each machine can be integrated into the company’s Digital Factory software platform.

‘All-in-One is a revolutionary approach to in-line quality control in food,’ said Matteo Bandini, food and packaging director at Antares Vision Group Food. ‘Now, a single machine contains all the quality controls necessary to satisfy the safety and quality demands of all supply chain stakeholders, from production to distribution to the end-user. From now on, our customers will only have to think about which inspections they need to ensure quality and safety for the consumer, not how many machines they have to buy. Antares Vision Group’s All-in-One series does everything.’


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