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  • 28 Sep 2022

Arden Software unveils new version of WEBcnx

Arden Software has released a new version of its project management software WEBcnx 2022

Arden Software has released a new version of its project management software WEBcnx 2022 for the packaging sector – the most significant release in three years. WEBcnx 2022 brings with it a host of new features and performance enhancements.

Web-based platform WEBcnx integrates with Arden’s packaging CAD/CAM software Impact, as well as other workflow systems, acting as a virtual project manager, enabling customers to manage and streamline their operations from wherever they are in the world.   
New features in WEBcnx 2022 include:  
New widget driven dashboards deliver more focused views and a range of layouts, enabling users to configure unlimited dashboards with up to eight separate widget areas.  
Configurable charts collate data and view the results in multiple chart styles, which are all interactive.  
New search engine offers flexibility to build complex searches and find and filter data.  
New features in design library allow users to explore the relationship between Master Projects and the new designs they’re used to create and gather detailed information about one-up design placements.  
Design viewer now includes a new Enquire Entity tool that inspects entities as user hovers over them, providing information about the drawing palette, type of entity and detailed geometry data.  
Customer contacts enable integration with customers’ business systems, customer contacts lists can now be added as ‘contacts’ or ‘users’. This allows for large numbers of contacts to be synchronized from a business system without adding these as full WEBcnx users.  
Multiple choice field support enables multiple search whether it’s designs, users or addresses.  
For multi-national companies operating around the world in multiple languages, WEBcnx can now present translated versions of custom lookup field selections to end-users, meaning companies can standardize on field content, but keep things familiar to end users in different regions.  
New custom actions and further workflow options complement the removal of all restrictions for working with the dedicated plug-in in Impact.  
Other new features include security and compliance enhancements, improved user group management, and the ability to preview image files without having to download them first. There’s also extended customer group support to allow members of one company to see tasks and designs from across their group, with the potential for group-wide controls.   
Peter Barke, WEBcnx product manager at Arden Software, said: ‘WEBcnx is the ultimate workflow solution for the packaging sector, enabling you to automate the project management of your packaging production across the globe, and streamline workflow in the packaging supply chain.   
‘The world has changed immensely since the pandemic, with automation and remote solutions now more sought-after than ever, so we’re confident this latest release will help meet the demands of today’s Covid-world. WEBcnx’s powerful workflow automation capabilities are designed to keep projects moving from wherever you are in the world, and we’re very excited to unveil this latest software release, which has been developed by our team of expert developers in response to our customers’ needs.’   
WEBcnx is compatible with Arden’s Impact CAD software and is also fully customizable to customers’ workflow systems, and can integrate customers and suppliers into the design and approval process. 


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